Keeper Conundrums: Requests, Part Two

During the Keeper Conundrum series, I got some nice suggestions in the comments. Today, I continue my look at some of your ideas.

Travis Snider
Snider made some nice strides on the field this year, but he had a hard time staying in the lineup. He improved his contact rate, started to hit lots of liners, and still showed us that he can hit for power. He’s really young (will be 23 next season), and I think he’ll continue to get better next year.
Crude 2011 Projection: .265/.335, 24 HR
Verdict: Keep. I don’t know if he plays a full season, but I’m not banking on it. He’s a nice risk to take, and a good piece to keep in your possession.

Jay Bruce
I thought he was going to hit 30+ homers this season, as did most people, and his ADP reflected that. He ended up doing pretty well for himself, and a big August and September will drive his value up once again. He has the potential to consistently hit 30 bombs, but please remember that he’s only 23 at the moment.
Crude 2011 Projection: .275/.365, 30 HR
Verdict: Keep. He’s only a year or two from putting it all together and getting picked in the third or fourth round.

Desmond Jennings
Everyone thinks that he’ll be handed the LF job once Crawford signs elsewhere this winter, and there’s no reason to think otherwise. His value comes down to how you think he’ll adjust to major league pitching, because we know he can run if he just reaches base.
Crude 2011 Projection: .270/.340, 5 HR, 30 SB
Verdict: Keep. Personally, I don’t like keeping guys just for steals, but I’m not going to let my prejudice tell dictate my response here.

Andre Ethier
The Dodgers outfielder started out hot, but had some injury troubles and cooled off later in the year. He still ended the year with over 20 bombs, a good average and respectable counting stats. He’s right in the middle of his peak, so now’s the time to own him.
Crude 2011 Projection: .290/.365, 28 HR, 5 SB
Verdict: Keep. Odds are that you got him in the seventh round, and that price is right. It’s no bargain, but you’re not overpaying.

Thanks for all the suggestions this week, and check back tomorrow for part three of your requests.

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17 Responses to “Keeper Conundrums: Requests, Part Two”

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  1. sean says:

    assuming jayson werth goes to an AL team, and thus a potenial avg dip, is trading him for jay bruce a worthwhile thought? Or should i aim for andrew mccutchen, or if possible a package to get shin-soo choo

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  2. Rob says:

    what about Chris Young (Ari)?

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  3. lexomatic says:

    What are your reasons for doubting Snider will play a full season? Do you think he’s injury prone? Do you think it wil take time for him to adjust and he’ll be sent down again? At least some of the limitation on his playing time was because of Gaston. At the moment there’s no competition for playing time. There’s no reason not to think of him as a regular IMO.

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    • The A Team says:

      Personally, I think his inconsistent MLB performances might lead AA to acquire some kind of foil that will require a fair share of AB’s. With Fred Lewis already around and Jose Bautista capable of playing the OF, that could come in many shapes and sizes. If that does happen, he should still get a solid 450-500 PA, but unless you’re in a deep league, you want someone who you don’t need to micromanage.

      If you have a late keeper decision, just sit on him and wait out the Jays offseason.

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  4. Bartaksu says:

    rank in value (14 team, 5×5 OPS instead of AVG, QS instead of W):

    Crawford (rd 3)
    Tulo (rd 7)
    Jered Weaver (rd 9)
    Shaun Marcum (rd 19)
    Mat Latos (rd 20)
    Mike Stanton (rd 25)
    Carlos Santana (rd 25)

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  5. Ichiro.Suzuki says:

    What about between Jonathan Sanchez vs Wade Davis?

    League is 20 team weekly H2H keeper league with standard 5*5 categories (except Wins are replaced by QS) and I cannot keep both.

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  6. spydog says:

    Jennings: Barring injury, I don’t see how he doesn’t lead off nearly every game for the Rays. Just look at the revolving door they had this year in the leadoff spot. With the assumption that he leads off in 150+ games, he will accumulate around 600+ ABs. Even if he struggles a little bit he still has a pretty good walk rate in the minors, so I see him getting on base 200+ times. Considering the Rays game plan is run-run-run, there is no way he is going to steal less than 40 bags. I would peg him at 50, with an upside of 60+. Even if he struggles and is demoted to the lower end of the batting order, I believe he will still steal a minimum of 35 bags. Because his defense is outstanding there is little chance he loses playing time if he struggles with the bat.

    Guys with good contact skills and speed will see their minor league numbers translate better than power hitting players like Stanton, Brown, etc…

    Keep in mind he was playing through injuries this year and prior to 2010 he was averaging 13 HRs per 600 ABs in the minors. If he gets fully healthy I believe the power will return. He displayed it in the playoffs when he blasted a ball about 15 rows deep in his first AB, though it was foul.

    My prediction: .278/105 Runs/8 HRs/54 RBIs/51 SBs

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  7. Mike says:

    So how does everyone feel about Domonic Brown? I’m hoping for something along the lines of 270/340, 15 HR, 15 SB with healthy run production. Those numbers of course would be too predictable to actually happen.

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    • spydog says:

      I don’t think he’ll steal 15 bases. He didn’t have a very high success rate in the minors and it might be a couple of years before the Phillies let him run freely on the basepaths. I’d peg him for 8-10 steals.

      The power he displayed this year in the minors should translate pretty well at the MLB level, so I think the HR projections might be a little low. I’d expect at least 20 HRs if he gets 540 ABs.

      I’d predict a line of 265/340 21 HRs, 9 SB

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