Last Ditch Effort: Hitters to Consider

If you’re in a league that allows daily roster adjustments, whether it’s head to head or roto, then streaming is probably what you’re all about here at the end. With four more days of games, every little bit helps and picking up the right player could mean the difference between a win and a “if only I had another week to play.” While Mike Podhorzer covers the recommended streamer candidates for pitchers over the next two days, I’ll throw you a few hitters who could give you that one final push. Some may be available, some might not, but all are swinging a hot bat right now and if you can use them…use them.

Charlie Blackmon, OF COL — The 27-year old outfielder has looked pretty good during his time spent up in the majors this season, flashing a little bit of power and a little bit of speed, all the while hitting for a strong average. He’s playing every day right now and is currently being juiced by a .511 BABIP. He’s on a 10-game hitting streak right now and should be able to sustain a reasonably strong level over the final four days. He’s swinging at a lot of pitches but he’s got just a 17.2-percent strikeout rate and making excellent contact. The upcoming pitching match-ups aren’t ideal, but I don’t see him suddenly coming up with zeroes.

Adam Lind, 1B/DH TOR — Often a forgotten man, Lind could be sitting on your waiver wire with his recent power surge just being wasted. Over the last 13 games, Lind is batting .368 with four home runs and 10 RBI and with the Jays facing three right-handers over their last four games, Lind is capable of providing a nice power boost here at the end. His .370 BABIP over the last two weeks is helpful, but he’s also showing decent plate discipline here at the end. Look for him to maintain this little power display he’s been showing lately.

Denard Span, OF WAS — He lost his 29-game hit streak recently but has still managed to continue hitting well and stealing some bases at the same time. He’s batting .271 with a mediocre .317 OBP over the last two weeks, but he’s also racked up 10 runs scored and seven stolen bases in that time. He’s got just a 10.1-percent strikeout rate in that time with a league-average walk rate  and while the Nationals have officially been eliminated from the post-season, they’re looking to finish nice and strong with a three-game set at hitter-friendly Arizona. If it’s runs scored and steals you need, Span is the man to grab.

Tommy Medica, C/1B SD — He’s a bit of a risk given the strikeout rate and low average, but he does walk a lot and has shown fantastic power throughout his time in the minors and in this recent cup of coffee. Batting in the middle of the lineup is only going to help increase his run production opportunities, and if he can take advantage of the struggling pitchers he’ll be facing, you could get yourself a nice little four-day power boost. Best of all, he should qualify as a catcher in many leagues as he spent a significant amount of time behind the plate in the minors.

Howie Kendrick, 2B LAA — Long forgotten by many due to an extended stay on the DL, Kendrick just might be available to you for these last four games and he’s doing a bit more than just hitting for a high average  right now. In fact, over the last two weeks, Kendrick is batting .317 with two home runs, six RBI and seven runs scored and looking like the knee issue is way in the past.

Tomorrow, we’ll see if we can find just for a few more to help out…




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  1. Teddy Wolvesevelt says:

    I’m seeing a 27.8 LD% and a .366 BABIP for Blackmon for the season. What’s the range for the .511 BABIP referenced in the article? Thanks!

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  2. RotoworldModsAreNazis says:

    Another vote for Kendrick…his last 4 games are in Texas.

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  3. Josh says:

    Angel Pagan? Also an extended DL guy

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  4. Ace says:

    I know Dave Cameron would not approve of this sort of “analysis,” but whatever: Adam Lind has owned tonight’s starter, Miguel Gonzalez, to the tune of a 1.243 OPS . . . And Lind is inexplicably being given the night off. Why, Gibbons, why!!?!

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  5. jon says:

    Any FA-addable players with positive split that you see in 10-team league? I’m going with Duda against a bad righty and Parra against a righty (Erlin).

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  6. E-Dub says:

    Now that we’re into the week, kudos on the list. I had added Medica and Blackmon heading into last week and Medica has probably been my highest scoring player so far this week. My opponent had Kendrick already. Good call on these guys.

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