MASH Report (12/16/13)

Just a few updates.

•  Since MLB may possibly banning home plate collision in 2014 (players’ union needs to OK), I was wonder if catcher playing time estimates should be changed.  I went back through the 2013 DL data to see how much time was lost to collisions and Yasmini Grandal was the only catcher with time lost. Foul tips (concussion and hand injuries) caused the most time lost. While other catchers have missed significant time (Buster Posey), it looks like only one or two catchers are affected each season, so playing time estimates should at most be increased a few games.

• Carlos Gonzalez is feeling no pain in his middle finger while taking some swings off a tee. He decided to not have off-season surgery and instead just rehab it.

Gonzalez took 50 swings off the batting tee at Coors Field on Monday, and plans to take batting practice later this week. His preference is not to adjust his swing or how he holds the bat, because he doesn’t want to compromise his power.

I like the comment on keeping his swing the same.

• Jose Ramirez had left thumb surgery and will be out 2 months.

Tom Gorzelanny just had some shoulder cleanup after making no off-season progress.

Dallas Braden is is attempting a Scott Kazmir type comeback. Expect more information after a January showcase.

Dustin Pedroia looks to be 100% for spring training after off-season thumb surgery.

Miguel Sano is still dealing with elbow pain and surgery is still on the table.

Stephen Strasburg, Adam LaRoche and Bryce Harper each plan to be 100% for the season’s start after each had off-season surgery.

Possible Players on the DL to Start the 2014 Season

(*) 15 Day Disabled List
(**) 60 Day Disabled List
(***) 7 Day Concussion List
(****) Free Agent
Red colored entries are updates since last report.

Major League Report

Minor League Report

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  1. Alex White says:

    I have been rehabbing and throwing in Kissimmee. It’s been reported that I will be healthy for spring training and have a shot to make the team.

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  2. David says:

    Is “plan to be 100%” the functional corollary of “day to day”? I mean, don’t we all?

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  3. jcx1787 says:

    Is there any merit to the idea that Adam Wainwright is more injury prone than the MASH report would suggest based soley on workload throughout 2013?

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    • Jeff Zimmerman says:

      I actually found a larger workload led to a pitcher less likely to go on the DL. The heavy work load pitchers have shown they are able to throw for an entire season.

      The biggest injury concern with Wainwright is his previous TJS.

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      • jcx1787 says:

        That is pretty interesting, it seems logical that pitching through the playoffs would be a concern, but it being less worrisome than a prior TJS makes sense to me.

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