MASH Report (2/14/13)

Quite a few updates since pitchers and catchers have reported. If you are short on time, the big four updates are with Ryan Madson, Frank Francisco, Grant Balfour and Howie Kendrick.

Recent injury data

 • Grant Balfour is out 4-6 weeks with a meniscus tear in his knee. Ryan Cook could get a couple early season Saves.

 • Ryan Madson will not be ready for the season’s start. Don’t pay too much for Saves from him, but he may be a nice buy low candidate as other owners may be completely scared off.

 • Frank Francisco can’t throw right now. No word on a return timetable, but he will likely start the season on the DL. Looks like Bobby Parnell will get the first shot as the Mets closer. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the bullpen shakes out.

 • Howie Kendrick has off season surgery on his elbow. He was able to play through the pain during 2012. Playing through an injury usually sap’s a players power and it may have with Kendrick. He was projected by Marcels to have .149 ISO in 2012. Instead, he posted a career low ISO of .113. I expect him to out perform his projections and should be marked as a buy low candidate.

 • Scott Baker may not be ready by opening day. Cubs will not rush him back.

 • Johnny Cueto reports he has recovered completely from a pulled muscle which limited him to 8 pitches in the postseason.

The 19-game winner said on Wednesday that he’s had no lingering problems from the pulled muscles in his right side that knocked him out of the playoff opener in San Francisco. “I feel good,” Cueto said. “I feel 100 percent.”

We should know more on his health as he plans on pitching in the WBC

 • Michael Kohn is ready to return in 2013 after TJS in 2012. He could be an interesting pickup in deep/hold leagues. He had crazy strikeout numbers in the minors and Oliver has him at 9.6 K/9. If he gets the walks down (projected at 4.8 BB/9), he could be a great cheap bullpen pickup.

 • Dustin McGowan is hurt again. This time it is his shoulder. I see no real upside in rostering him in any format until he has a clean bill of health.

 • Nick Masset is a ways off from returning. He is a non-factor in fantasy baseball right now.

 • Felipe Paulino was the first player officially placed on the DL in 2013. Alex Rodriguez became the second.

 • Felix Doubront and Craig Breslow are lacking strength and have discomfort.

 • Joel Peralta hurt his neck getting sandwiches in his Camaro.

 • Clay Buchholz suffered a hamstring injury, but is only expected to miss a few days.

 • Carl Crawford hopes to be ready by opening day.

 • Johan Santana feels good.

 • Brett Anderson is ready for his first full season since 2009.

 • C.J. Wilson won’t have any limitations in spring training.

 • Jorge de la Rosa finally feeling 100% healthy. He wasn’t close to being healthy when he came back from TJS last season.

 • A reader requested an update on Carlos Quentin and all I could find was he has lost 10-15 pounds.

Player Return Timetables

Name Injury Injury/Surgery Date Early Return Date Later Return date Status Source(s)
Scott Baker TJS 4/17/12 Late March May Throwing off mound (1)
Grant Balfour Knee 2/14/13 Late March Middle April Rest (1)
Brandon Beachy TJS 6/21/12 Mid June Mid June Playing Catch (1)
Jeremy Bonderman TJS 04/24/12 Late March Late March Healthy (1)
Tim Byrdak Shoulder Surgery 07/01/13 Early July Early July Bullpen Sessions (1)
Chris Carpenter Nerve 02/05/13 September Retire Rest (1)
 Andrew Cashner Thumb laceration 1/25/13 May May Rest (1)
Carl Crawford TJS 8/23/12 Late April Early March Throwing (1)
Scott Diamond Elbow Surgery 10/1/12 Early April Early May Unknown (1)
Kyle Drabek TJS 6/19/12 Mid Season Mid Season Unknown (1)
Danny Duffy TJS 6/13/12 Late May/Early June All Star Game Playing Catch (1)
Neftali Feliz TJS 8/1/12 July August Playing Catch (1)
Frank Francisco Elbow 2/14/13 April Unknown Rest (1)
Corey Hart Right knee surgery 1/26/13 Late April Late May Rest (1)
Daniel Hudson TJS 7/9/12 July July Playing Catch (1)
Drew Hutchison TJS 08/08/12 August October Rehabilitation (1)
Derek Jeter Fractured Left Ankle 10/1/12 Late March Late March Fielding (1)
Ryan Kalish Shoulder Surgery 1/25/13 Early April Unknown Rest (1)
Matt Kemp Shoulder 8/1/12 Late March Late March Light Training (1)
Colby Lewis Elbow Surgery 7/1/12 Late May July Throwing (1)
Francisco Liriano Broken humerus 12/1/12 Early April Late May Rest (1)
Cory Luebke TJS 5/23/12 July July Unknown (1)
Ryan Madson TJS 04/11/12 April May Rest (1)
Nick Masset Shoulder Surgery 09/07/12 Unknown Unknown Throwing (1)
Brian McCann Torn labrum 7/4/12 Mid April May Running and throwing (1)
Logan Morrison Knee 9/1/12 Late March Late April Light Training (1)
Charlie Morton TJS 06/21/12 June Unknown Throwing (1)
Juan Oviedo TJS 09/06/12 September 2014 Rest (1)
Felipe Paulino TJS 7/3/12 Early July Early July Unknown (1)
Carl Pavano Ruptured spleen 1/25/13 Late March Mid April Rest (1)
Mike Pelfrey TJS 05/01/12 Late March Late March Throwing (1)
Michael Pineda Shoulder Surgery 5/1/12 June Early July Rest (1)
Alex Rodriguez Hip surgery 1/16/13 Early July 2014 season Rest (1)
CC Sabathia Bone Spur 10/1/12 Late March Late March Throwing (1)
George Sherrill TJS 5/1/11 Late April May Bullpen Sessions (1)
Joakim Soria TJS 4/2/12 Late May Early June Playing Catch (1)
Eric Surkamp TJS 07/24/12 Late July September Unknown
Tsuyoshi Wada TJS 05/11/12 Late March Early July Unknown (1)(2)
Josh Tomlin TJS 08/22/12 August 2014 Rest (1)
Joe Wieland TJS 07/27/12 Early August 2014 Catch (1)
Brian Wilson TJS 4/19/12 Unknown Unknown Not ready to pitch (1)
Randy Wolf TJS 10/30/12 2014 2014 Rest (1)

Players Returning From Injury

Players Playing Through Injuries

Name Injury Source
Hanley Ramirez Shoulder (1)

Here is the list of players who should exceed their power projections for 2013:

Ryan Zimmerman, Ryan Howard, Cameron Maybin, Trevor Plouffe, Justin Upton, Paul Konerko, Dustin Pedroia, Luke Scott, Matt Kemp, Joey Votto, Mike Moustakas, Pablo Sandoval, Carl Crawford, Giancarlo Stanton, Jacoby Ellsbury, Evan Longoria, and Troy Tulowitzki. New additions: Matt LaPorta and Howie Kendrick

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  1. Eyebrows says:

    The article you linked says Howie Kendrick had elbow surgery, not shoulder surgery.

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  2. Ashman says:

    Is Howie worth keeping for $6 in a 12 team mixed league with an MI spot?

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  3. Sarge says:

    Thank God Peralta wasn’t getting soup for lunch, he might have been killed!

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  4. MLB Rainmaker says:

    I read a note that Ricky Romero reported night and day difference in sore elbow from last season. I’d be as daring as to group him with CJ Wilson as guys that will benefit hugely from being healthy for the start of the year.

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  5. majnun says:

    “Later return date: Retire”


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