MASH Report (2/4/13)

Just a couple injury updates and a few reports on players returning from injuries sustained in 2012.

Recent injury data

 •  Corey Hart has stated his return to the field may be in late April instead of late May as originally reported. No matter what the timetable, his owners will need to find a replacement until he returns.

 •  The Dodgers are unhappy with Hanley Ramirez playing 3B and DH for the Dominican Republic team. The Dodgers are wanting him to play more shortstop before the season begins. Also, he has DH’ed in order to rest an injured shoulder. The shoulder injury news scares me off a bit. I was somewhat high on him entering the season, but I would now move his ranking down into at least the 4th round in 12 team drafts. A player should at least be healthy to be 2nd and 3rd round pick.

Player Return Timetables

Name Injury Injury/Surgery Date Early Return Date Later Return date Status Source(s)
Scott Baker TJS 4/17/12 Start of Spring Training Opening day Throwing off mound (1)
Brandon Beachy TJS 6/21/12 Mid June Mid June Playing Catch (1)
Jeremy Bonderman TJS 04/24/12 Late March Late March Healthy (1)
 Andrew Cashner Thumb laceration 1/25/13 May May Rest (1)
Carl Crawford TJS 8/23/12 Early April Unknown Throwing (1)
Kyle Drabek TJS 6/19/12 Mid Season Mid Season Unknown (1)
Danny Duffy TJS 6/13/12 Late May/Early June All Star Game Playing Catch (1)
Neftali Feliz TJS 8/1/12 July August Playing Catch (1)
Corey Hart Right knee surgery 1/26/13 Late April Late May Rest (1)
Daniel Hudson TJS 7/9/12 July July Playing Catch (1)
Drew Hutchison TJS 08/08/12 August October Rehabilitation (1)
Derek Jeter Fractured Left Ankle 10/1/12 Late March Late March Fielding (1)
Ryan Kalish Shoulder Surgery 1/25/13 Early April Unknown Rest (1)
Francisco Liriano Broken humerus 12/1/12 Early April Late May Rest (1)
Cory Luebke TJS 5/23/12 July July Unknown (1)
Ryan Madson TJS 04/11/12 Late March Late March Throwing off mound (1)
Brian McCann Torn labrum 7/4/05 Opening Day Mid April Running and throwing (1)
Charlie Morton TJS 06/21/12 June Unknown Throwing (1)
Juan Oviedo TJS 09/06/12 September 2014 Rest (1)
Felipe Paulino TJS 7/3/12 Early July Early July Unknown (1)
Carl Pavano Ruptured spleen 1/25/13 Late March Mid April Rest (1)
Mike Pelfrey TJS 05/01/12 Late March Late March Throwing (1)
Michael Pineda Shoulder Surgery 5/1/12 May Early July Rest (1)
Alex Rodriguez Hip surgery 1/16/13 Early July 2014 season Rest (1)
CC Sabathia Bone Spur 10/1/12 Late March Late March Throwing (1)
Joakim Soria TJS 4/2/12 Late May Early June Playing Catch (1)
Eric Surkamp TJS 07/24/12 Late July September Unknown
Tsuyoshi Wada TJS 05/11/12 Late March Early July Unknown (1)(2)
Josh Tomlin TJS 08/22/12 August 2014 Rest (1)
Joe Wieland TJS 07/27/12 Early August August Catch (1)
Brian Wilson TJS 4/19/12 Unknown Unknown Not ready to pitch (1)
Randy Wolf TJS 10/30/12 2014 2014 Rest (1)

Players Returning From Injury

 •  Chad Billingsley has reported his right elbow feels fine.

This offseason, Billingsley is coming off a partially torn elbow ligament, the kind that usually requires Tommy John surgery and a year off to rehab. But Billingsley instead chose a conservative treatment with a pair of platelet-rich plasma injections and rest.

I just don’t see Billingsley lasting too long into 2013 before he misses more time. One good note from his recovery, he touched 94 mph on his fastball which would be near his highs from 2012.

 •  Evan Longoria has stated his hamstring is fine after missing about half of 2012 on the DL. The Rays do plan on taking it slow with him and he may miss a few early spring training games.

 •  Troy Tulowitzki is feeling fine after groin surgery.

 •  Sergio Santos is also feeling fine after shoulder surgery. He wants to be in the Blue Jays closer discussion. Manager John Gibbons will rule later on who will get the closer role. Santos might be worth a late round Saves flier.

Players Playing Through Injuries

Here is the list of players who should exceed their power projections for 2013:

Ryan Zimmerman, Ryan Howard, Cameron Maybin, Trevor Plouffe, Justin Upton, Paul Konerko, Dustin Pedroia, Luke Scott, Matt Kemp, Joey Votto, Mike Moustakas, Pablo Sandoval, Carl Crawford, Giancarlo Stanton, Jacoby Ellsbury, Evan Longoria, and Troy Tulowitzki

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  1. Jon Jay says:

    Anything new on Matt Garza and Vance Worley ? Last I heard they were both
    “probable” for opening day. Thanks.

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  2. Stuck in a Slump says:

    Four players on one of my teams are sitting on this list, the earliest they come back is Hart around May. So incredibly brutal.

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  3. dirck says:

    At one point last year ,one of my teams had 7 starting pitchers on the DL at the same time .THAT was incredibly brutal .

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  4. Chicago Mark says:

    Nice report Jeff. What do you know about Max Scherzers shoulder? Many are predicting a breakout for him. But do you think in fact we should probably stop a dollar short or wait a round later or even just avoid all together?

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  5. Scott says:

    What’s the word with Jed Lowrie’s weird nerve injury? He seemed to have been rushed and his manager called him a step slow when he came back. Is this any cause for a long term decline on Defence?

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