MASH Report (3/24/14)

Jurickson Profar will miss 10 to 12 weeks with a shoulder tear with some baseball activities beginning in four to six weeks. The Rangers middle infield situation is a mess with Elvis Andrus (sore forearm) also hurt. The Rangers should be making some announcements today as they figure out how they will fill the 2B gap for at least half the season.

Manny Machado will start the season on the DL and will be ready “… sometime in April” according to Buck Showalter.

Aroldis Chapman will be out four to six weeks with facial fractures from a Salvador Perez line drive.

Chapman, who had fractures above the left eye and nose after being hit by a Salvador Perez line drive on Wednesday, could begin working out in 10-14 days and may be ready to pitch in game conditions in four to six weeks.

Mike Petriello looked into Chapman’s possible closer replacements the other day.

• I wonder if Yasiel Puig will get the phantom DL trip this spring because of his “shoulder” or “back”. From his actions this past weekend, the cause for the DL trip should be his head.

Neftali Feliz is dealing with “dead body” and has lost the closer role to Joakim Soria.

The club wants to know what’s going on with Feliz when he has outings like he had on Friday against the Brewers, when his velocity was down and his secondary pitches were erratic. The Rangers found out the next day that Feliz was dealing with a “dead body,” and that may have contributed to the lackluster performance.

“I think Feliz’s issue is communication more than anything,” manager Ron Washington said. “We understand the velocity will take some time, but he needs to keep us aware with how he’s feeling. When he has a day like the other day and he has a ‘dead body,’ he needs to communicate with us. Let us know how you feel and what’s going on when we ask you.”

Feliz’s fastball velocity has been down in every way possible. I think the Rangers want him as their closer. If he returns to form, I could see him stepping back into the closer role.

• Staying with the Rangers, Tanner Scheppers wants to stay healthy after converting from a reliever to a starter. I am encouraged he can make the transition because he was able to keep his velocity up over 76 pitchers on the 21st.

His lack of confidence to throw his change may be his downfall though.

• Tigers setup man, Bruce Rondon, needs Tommy John surgery. On my to do list after I am done with this article is to look at Tommy John rates for pitchers who throw over 100 mph.

Geovany Soto will miss 10 to 12 weeks with a with a torn meniscus.

With Soto out, J.P. Arencibia looks to get another chance to have the league’s lowest on-base percentage (min 400 PA).

• To no one’s surprise, Josh Johnson is headed to the DL with with forearm strain for at least four weeks.

“He’s really frustrated — in his words, he’s devastated,” Black said. “He felt so good coming into December and into January. He felt really good coming to Spring Training. He felt great up until his last outing. Hopefully, it’s nothing more than a strain.”

The injury effects can be seen with the large drop in velocity in his last game.

Skip Schumaker will miss four weeks with a dislocated shoulder.

Brandon Morrow‘s fastball velocity is  decent.

Morrow’s fastball was clocked between 90-95 mph, sitting mostly at 92 and 93. He felt as though his fastball command improved after his first inning, liked how he threw his curveball and saw room for improvement with the slider and splitter. The most important thing, he said, is that he felt good on the mound.

Last season he averaged 93.3 mph in his 10 games pitched.

Michael Bourn will miss the first week or so of the season with a strained hamstring.

Jeff Locke will not start the season on the DL, instead he will be sent to AAA to rehab.

Pitchers who just aren’t getting healthy.

Yu Darvish‘s neck issue has me worried he may be miss a start or two.

Francisco Liriano‘s start to the season may also be delayed.

• Any or all of a trio of Reds starters (Homer Bailey, Mat Latos and Johnny Cueto) may miss some early season starts.

Hitters who aren’t getting healthy

Gordon Beckham can’t swing a bat at 100%.

Devin Mesoraco can’t swing either.

Alcides Escobar is still having problems with his shoulder.

• The other half of the Royals double play combination, Omar Infante, may also start the season on the DL.

Elvis Andrus can’t shake a sore elbow.

• A strained hamstring may keep Starlin Castro from playing in the Cubs opener.

Players on or Probably on the DL to Start the 2014 Season

(*) 15 Day Disabled List
(**) 60 Day Disabled List
(***) 7 Day Concussion List
(****) Free Agent
Red colored entries are updates since last report.

Major League Report


Probably on DL

Minor League Report

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  1. If Bundy is on the 40 man roster, will he go on the Minor League DL or Major League DL?

    Also, what is a “scarred urethra” and how can I avoid one?

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  2. tylersnotes says:

    now this is a mash report. in that it takes my hopes and dreams coming out of all of my drafts and auctions, and mashes them to bits.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  3. Cap'n Scrappy says:

    Wtf with Neftali Feliz’s “dead body?” Doesn’t having a “dead body” make you not alive anymore?

    Vote -1 Vote +1

    • Brad Johnson says:

      That was my reaction. That sounds like it severely hampers a player’s real and fantasy value.

      Vote -1 Vote +1

      • Paul says:

        I think we can all agree if Feliz is indeed dealing with “dead body” and pitches at any point this year he automatically wins Comeback Player of the Year – renamed “The Lazarus Award”

        Vote -1 Vote +1

      • LHPSU says:

        There are many different kinds of dead bodies though. Is it a fresh corpse, or a skeleton in the closet?

        Vote -1 Vote +1

    • Adam says:

      Premise for Weekend at Bernie’s 3? Neftali, Geovany, and their dead body do San Padre Island!

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  4. matlock says:

    How much does Arencibia rise (if at all) in the catcher ranks?

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  5. Will says:

    Jeff, know anything about Utley and his very bad spring? True, those stats don’t matter much, but also true is that Utley gets injured. Thoughts?

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  6. SeattleSlew says:

    How worried should the Rangers and Shin Soo Choo’s fantasy owner’s be considering he has only been DHing this spring and has struggled to make contact?

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  7. supgreg says:

    A couple editing notes:

    Gavin Floyd is listed twice and AJ Griffin is spelled Griffin

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  8. Josh says:

    Anybody else notice a disturbing trend with the Rangers’ handling of their pitchers over the last few years, and the injuries that usually result from being shifted back and forth from rotation to bullpen? I really hope Scheppers and/or Ross are not next. I really like both of them but am definitely worried about the toll this transition takes on the body. Would be real interested in seeing a study of successful and unsuccessful (those resulting in extended missed periods of time) transitions like these.

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