Myers, Estrada and Chatwood: SP Qualified Relievers

Before the season started, fellow writer Chad Young examined a few starter eligible relievers. He had some great recommendations like Alexi Ogando and Alfredo Aceves. Today, I am going to examine a few more SP qualified relievers that Chad did not look at in his article.

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Brett Myers (91%, 53%) – Myers looks to be the Cadillac of relievers that are starter qualified because he is the only one currently picking up saves. On a starter’s off day, Myers can just be plugged into the starter’s roster spot thereby giving a team an extra slot picking up saves. While Myers is not playing for a team that will rack up a ton of wins for him to save, they are still saves. If he is able to close for the entire season, his number of saves should be around 30.

The 31-year-old has pitched decently in the 3 games he has appeared in so far this season. Currently, he has a not allowed a run and has 3 Ks in 2 IP. With the move from starter to reliever, he has been able to add 3 MPH to his fastball. While the sample size is not in any way significant, he seems to have adjusted to the bullpen.

Myers may not be available on the waiver, but he could be a trade target. Most teams will not be coveting a reliever for the Astros. See if he can be picked up cheaply.

Tyler Chatwood (0%, 0%) – Tyler’s counting stats look great so far this season with 1 Win, 1 Save and 6 strikeouts in 7 innings pitched. His main problem is that he is getting those stats while not being one of Colorado’s setup men. He is a long closer. The long closer for Colorado may have opportunities to get into a high scoring game and vulture a Win. I would not count on it though. By not being a setup man, he will be out of the running for Holds.

So far this season, he has seen seen his K% almost double going from 12% to 21%. The main cause for the increase is that hitters are swinging at pitches out of the strike more and making less contact on those pitches.

I don’t see a reason to own Chatwood in all but the deepest of leagues. He is not going to get a chance for many Holds, not alone Saves. I would look to pick almost any of the other SP qualified relievers first.

Marco Estrada (0%, 0%) – Estrada, like Chatwood, is in the long reliever role. While he has been able to record 1 Hold so far this season, he doesn’t look to be in line for many more opportunities. In 5 games this season so far, he has never been brought in after the 6th inning.

Marco has always been able to strikeout hitters. His career K/9 is 8.8. His main downfall is his 3.3 BB/9. It is difficult to roster a reliever that will pick up no Wins, Holds or Saves with a sub 3 K/BB.

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Colorado has another sneaky starting pitching eligible reliever in Esmil Rogers. I have that guy all over my watchlist. His average fastball has jumped up a couple of ticks as a reliever to 96.