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NL Starting Pitchers Who Could Be Traded

With the trade deadline fast approaching, owners playing in league-specific formats are going to be in for a hard time. When players change leagues, some owners are going to get hosed and some owners are going to get lucky. With all of that in mind, here’s some advice on how to handle a handful of starters who could get dealt.

Jason Marquis | Nationals
With the Nationals still a couple years away, they have no need to hang on to Marquis. There’s talk that they like him enough to keep him, but I’d bet they trade him and then attempt to bring him back next year. He’s not a stud, so you should shop him aggressively ASAP.

Derek Lowe | Braves
Atlanta has a good deal of pitching depth, and they could be more than willing to deal Lowe for salary relief. The Tigers may be the only team interested, but I think he’s down their list a ways. Stand pat with Lowe.

Wandy Rodriguez | Astros
Houston is trying like mad to deal their ace, but there is talk that AL teams are apprehensive to trade for him. I’m not sure which NL team could step up to the plate and trade for the lefty, so he’s a big risk right now. I’d bet an AL team sucks it up and gives him a chance, so try to deal him if you can.

Edinson Volquez | Reds
If you own Volquez, you might as well continue holding on to him and hope he isn’t traded. You won’t find much for him on the market and dropping him could be sweet relief.

Brett Myers | Astros
Ditto what I said about Volquez.

Aaron Harang | Padres
Odds are Harang gets traded, but to where? AL teams could easily be scared off, but it may not matter; his value will take a hit no matter where he’s traded because he’ll be leaving PetCo. Shop him around and see what you can get.

Hiroki Kuroda | Dodgers
Almost every team I’ve seen connected to Kuroda plays in the AL, but there’s no guarantee he waives his no-trade clause. I think he’ll decide to allow the Dodgers to trade him, so you should launch a preemptive strike if you can.

Ubaldo Jimenez | Rockies
Odds are he won’t be traded, but since you can find value for him, it may behoove you to shop him around and see what he can fetch you. Don’t trade him just to mitigate the risk, though.