ottoneu Pick Six: The easy high-variance alternative

ottoneu Fantasy Baseball‘s argument is that fantasy owners should have to make the same kinds of long-term decisions that Major League GMs have to make.  The secondary argument is that traditional fantasy baseball statistics are too steeped in the past, and the linear weights points system is a big step forward in this regard.  The question then arises – what if you ignore the first rule and focus on the second rule.  The result is ottoneu Pick Six.

Pick Six is a simple game and while it is not completely unique in its mechanics, it should prove to be easy and fun.  You have six positions to fill and $120 to do it.  The positions are C, CI (1B/3B/DH), MI, OF, SP, RP.  The goal is to gain the most points, based off of the linear weights points system, in a given day.  Everyone gains points as the system states, except SP gain 1/4 the points to bring their average points scored in line with the rest of the positions.  Entries open at midnight ET and close when the first game of the day starts.  Sure, that stinks on days with day games, especially for those of us on the west coast, but we want to keep this thing as simple as possible right now, and we’re interested to see what you guys think.

The prices were seeded a few weeks ago with average prices from ottoneu Fantasy Baseball points leagues.  However, these values are adjusted every week based on usage.  To give a real example, Jose Bautista‘s torrid start to the season has seen his price go up $3 during the testing period, and I imagine while people continue to focus on using him at CI or OF, his price will continue to rise.

There are some high-variance bragging rights to win and some achievements to unlock and the only requirement is a FanGraphs account.  We’re going to call from now until the All-Star break a test period to get some feedback and see how the thing plays with a larger audience.  I’ll personally make custom achievements for the top 3 overall scores at the break as well, so a bit more than bragging rights are on the line.  Games start early today and entries are open now, so go ahead and fire it up and have some high-variance fun.  As always, you can reach me on twitter (@ottoneu) or via email (help at ottoneu dot com) or in the comments!

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17 Responses to “ottoneu Pick Six: The easy high-variance alternative”

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  1. byron says:

    When I click “Find” for any position, it takes me to a page that says “Selecting” that position but present no players or links.

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  2. dbandrews says:

    I’m having the same issue

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  3. dmay says:

    Same problem here.

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  4. Steve says:

    Is there a cheaper bracket?

    $120 on a dice roll… that’s some degen gambling.

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  5. Mike says:

    Am I missing something? Where do I click to make my picks?

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  6. PhilXC says:

    Worked for me. This is going to be addicting. Goodbye, productivity!

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  7. LuckyStrikes says:

    Yeah, not seeing the “Create Entry” link anywhere when I first log into Ottoneu. Using FireFox.

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    • Niv Shah says:

      Make sure to hit – not fully integrated with ottoneu Fantasy Baseball yet.

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  8. V says:

    Crud. Was -so- close to selecting Zobrist in the afternoon game… and he goes off and rattles off a great performance.

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