Bullpen Report: Wednesday, May 27

John Axford nailed down the win for the Rockies over the Reds and firmed up the bullpen order in Colorado. It’s time we finally turned them green. And no, that’s not a terrible marijuana joke, so just cool your jets. He struck out one and lowered his ERA to a sterling 0.75. His BB% is a pretty ugly 13.6%, he’s owner of a 92.3% LOB% and a 4.51 xFIP. Just because those numbers aren’t pretty doesn’t mean he’s in danger of losing his job. He’ll have to start coughing up leads for the color to change back to a yellow or red. He’s safe for now, but monitor his results.

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RotoGraphs Audio: Field of Streams 5/27/2015

Episode 38 – The Day of the Obvious Pick

The latest episode of “Field of Streams” is live!

In this episode, Dylan Higgins and Matthew Dewoskin discuss the Marco Estrada trade and the predictable results, Lucas Duda’s strange splits, how taglines are decided, Matt Carpenter = good hitter, Dylan explaining his DFS process too much, being sad about Danny Santana, Matt making bad jokes, and Matt being in defense of Chase Anderson again.

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Mispeler’s Heaven: Welington Joins Zunino

The older we get, the more awed we are by catchers and the more literally unthinkable we find what they do. Our imaginary lives are as richly textured as the next stat geek’s, and now and then, in the kingdoms of our own minds, you might find us pretending that we’re thirty or forty years younger, and far better baseball players than we ever were. But though we might imagine ourselves hitting Stargellesque home runs, throwing Koufaxian pitches, or making Robinsonable plays in the field, we just can’t conceive of getting into and out of a crouch as often as catchers must and do. Our geriatric knees just won’t let us get our geriatric minds around the possibility.

But being able to crouch that much and that often is of course merely one part of a catcher’s job. As you know, he’s also got to call pitches, block the bad ones, frame the good ones, throw out base stealers, pounce on bunts, and, so it’s said, serve as the on-field team’s prefrontal cortex. So it’s unreasonable to expect catchers to hit very much, and in fact, many of them don’t. Read the rest of this entry »

The Daily Grind: Fiers, Wright, Wilson


  1. The Rake
  2. Daily DFS – Fiers, Collmenter
  3. GB / FB Splits
  4. Tomorrow’s Targets – Wright, Wilson, Moreland, Burns
  5. Factor Grid

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Max Muncy & Marc Krauss: Deep League Waiver Wire

Craving some serious deep league action? Look no further as I have another one of those popular 0% ownership names!

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Roto Riteup: May 27, 2015

Today’s Roto Riteup was researched while the present author ate a popsicle. Well, technically it was an Otter Pop, but I think those should be considered a type of popsicle. Though it lacks a wood stick, it is still a self contained frozen treat. Things such as lemon ices, etc. are not popsicles to me.

On today’s agenda:
1. Jung-ho Kang continues to rake
2. Quad injury for Matt Adams
3. Quick thoughts on Adam Warren
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Bullpen Report: May 26, 2015

Fernando Rodney does not look good right now. “Captain Crooked Hat” gave up three runs on three hits and a walk to blow what should have been an easy save and force extra innings (The Mariners later took the lead off Brad Boxberger — lucky them). Some might argue Rodney should have escaped if not for a Robinson Cano errant double play throw, but it’s not like Cano put all those runners on to start. Rodney now owns a 4.57 xFIP, but, hey, at least it’s better than his 6.98 ERA. While Rodney’s walk rate is hovering at the cusp of acceptable (10%), that his whiff rate has dropped precipitously (down to 21%) is a big problem. His HardHit% is a bit elevated at 23%, but he’s been around those marks the last few years. Aside from the batted ball profile, owners might want to hang their hat on the fact his velocity is the same as last year and his SwStr% is still a fairly healthy 11%. Maybe there’s a rebound in store, but he’s going to need to turn it around fairly soon as the leash is getting shorter.

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RotoGraphs Audio: The Sleeper and the Bust 5/26/2015 – “Catching” Up

Episode 233

The latest episode of “The Sleeper and the Bust” is live!

In this episode, Paul Sporer and Eno Sarris discuss the injury news around Devin Mesoraco, Yasmani Grandal, Yan Gomes, Jonathan Lucroy, Travis d’Arnaud, Matt Wieters, Avisail Garcia, Michael Morse, Shane Victorino, James Loney, Devon Travis, Steven Souza, Johnny Cueto, Danny Duffy, and Wily Peralta. They dive into the performances of Charlie Morton, Phil Hughes, Drew Hutchison, and Prince Fielder. They end with bullpen discussions about Oakland, Texas, and Arizona.

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MASH Report (5/26/15)

• Holy cow. The Reds have finally placed Devin Mesoraco on the DL with his hip injury.

Mesoraco hasn’t caught in a game since April 12 due to an impingement in the hip. He was able to pinch-hit in 13 games and start as designated hitter in four, hitting .178 in 45 at-bats.

A month and half to determine if he should go on the DL.  Additionally, there is good chance he will need surgery and miss the rest of the season.

David Wright came out and said he is dealing with spinal stenois.

Wright will cease baseball activities and take medication for the next week, while continuing a program of core strengthening and back stabilization exercises. The Mets believe it will be enough to eliminate the flare-ups of lower back tightness that Wright has recently been experiencing. They do not consider Wright’s condition degenerative, according to assistant general manager John Ricco.

“The doctors aren’t that worried about it,” Ricco said. “It’s just something that seems to be taking longer than we initially thought. The way it was progressing, they thought it would be gone by now.”

He is making little to no progress on getting better and has decided to relocate to California to be closer to his doctor.

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The Change: Hughes, Shoemaker, and The Limits of K-BB

Yes, the best in-season ERA estimator is strikeouts minus walks. You can use that tidbit to find a few sleepers in season, for sure.

But when you look at Matt Shoemaker and Phil Hughes right now, you realize there are perils when it comes to using the stat in the offseason. And really, you may start to see some of the limits of the stat even when it comes to in-season work.

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