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Players Owners are Picking Up and Dumping

ESPN has a nice feature that shows which players are being added and dropped in all their leagues. Here is a look at the top pitchers and hitters being added and dropped.


Kyle Blanks (57.5% owned, +15.5% increase) – Kyle is just getting noticed in fantasy and is a great reserve OF in small leagues or decent starter in NL-only and larger leagues. He should hit 20+ home runs with around a 0.270 average.

Colby Rasmus (66.5, +14.9%) – Great upside and people seem to be picking him up. Colby also has the chance to hit 20+ home runs also.

Miguel Tejada (73.8%, +14.6%) – Though I don’t like him as a starter, there is no reason for him not to be on a bench, especially with the 3B qualification coming soon.

Alex Gordon (31.2%, -40.6%) – Alex’s trip to the DL has caused a huge sell off. Buy low here. He should be back within the month, so if you have some DL spots available, stash him there.

Corey Hart (71.1%, -12.0%) – Corey value is down because he now seems to be platooning with Jim Edmonds. Corey looks to be starting against LHP only.

Chris Young (42.0%, -6.3%) – Not sure why the sell off. Maybe there are just better and more consistent options available.


Matt Lindstrom (59.9%, +40.5%) – Get the closer nod of Lyons has pushed him up quickly

Francisco Liriano (96.4%, +26.9%) – Looks like Francisco should no longer be available in any league. He is not close to a sure thing, but a chance should be taken on him. Other high risk, high reward pitchers are Ben Sheets, Fausto Carmona and Ervin Santana.

Jon Rauch (87.0%, +20.6%) – Owners sucking up Joe Nathan‘s replacement.

Brandon Lyon (37.9%, -53.2%) – Lindstrom is not a lights out closer yet. Lyon will put up decent rate stats and has a good chance to take over Houston’s closer role. Buy low.

Wade Davis (64.0%, -30.9%) – The drop may be from being the 5th starter and not having as many starts. Pitchers will get injured and he will get his share of starts. Buy low again.

Joba Chamberlain (33%, -12.9%) – Joba should be picked up immediately if available. Can fill in a SP slot when starter not going and provide some good rates stats. Yes, buy low again.