Promotion: Danny Espinosa

Embracing their youth movement, the Nationals have called up shortstop Danny Espinosa. Because of Ian Desmond’s place on the roster, Espinosa will be playing second base in D.C, and should find playing time on most days for the rest of 2010.

Rated Washington’s fourth best prospect by Marc Hulet, Espinosa has tools that fantasy owners should be drooling over. He has the ability to hit for power as well as steal bases, a quality rarely found in a middle infielder.

The twenty-three year old made his way through the Nationals Double-A and Triple-A affiliates this season, hitting at both levels. During his stint in Harrisburg (AA), Espinosa had an ISO of .202 and 20 steals in 432 trips to the plate. His overall numbers transferred over well to Syracuse (AAA), but his power production declined a bit, which is probably due to a small sample and an adjustment period.

Espinosa will never be a guy with a high LD%, so his batting average may pay the price. However, he’s fast enough to live with hitting grounders, and has the potential to strike out at a below-average rate, allowing Espinosa to keep a respectable batting average in the future. It’s unlikely he’ll ever hit .300, but a .275/20/15 line next year is reasonable and could be expected from the young switch-hitter.. While it’s nothing spectacular, it’s good enough to be owned in every league next year, regardless of his position in the middle infield.

If you’re in a keeper league, Espinosa’s your guy. Owners in redraft leagues shouldn’t be too eager to jump on him, but he’s a good bench option if you’re looking to fill out a roster with upside.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Do you think he stays under 130 AB for the season?

    In my keeper league format, I can keep him without using a keeper spot i he doesnt pass the 130AB threshold… I already owned his rights, so I am hoping to have him next year, but i cannot afford to use a keeper slot on him…

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    • Jeff says:


      he is at 22AB, with 22 games left… 22games @ 4.5 AB per game =99AB… +22AB already = 121…

      So i guess as long as he doesnt average more than 4.5 AB per game I am all set right???

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  2. steve says:

    looks like you’re having quite a convo with yourself. i might have to grab him late in my draft year. here’s hoping he has SS eligibility..

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  3. Will says:

    U mean 2010, not 09 in the first paragraph right

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    • Matt says:

      Nope, Sanders still thinks its 2009 — it’s a joke/comfort his family played on him after spending the real 2009 in a coma.

      Maybe his fam made the wrong choice, but it’s not your place to get involved (or maybe it is).

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  4. PJ says:

    You can get that production from Kelly Johnson

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