Rankings Update: Catcher

Back for week two, here are your catcher rankings. Since we are only a week into the season, I am still going to list the players’ wOBA projection from the FANS. However, some of the rankings have moved based on playing time and a small bit based on their opening week’s performance.

Big Three
Joe Mauer (.409 wOBA)
Brian McCann (.378)
Victor Martinez (.373)

None of these three moved after week one. With their track record, I wouldn’t expect this group to change all season barring injury.

Happy to Have
Matt Wieters (.364)
Russell Martin (.346)
Jorge Posada (.361)
Kurt Suzuki (.332)

I really like what I’ve seen out of Martin, thus far, so let’s hope that continues. Jorge has been solid, as always, and Suzuki is looking good out of the gate, as well.

Cautiously Optimistic
Geovany Soto (.354)
Ryan Doumit (.330)
Yadier Molina (.330)

Moving down is Mr. Soto, but I still like him. I think at some point Lou will realize that he needs to get him more AB’s, which will boost him back up to the bottom of the second tier. Yadier moves up all the way from number 16, due to his early showing of power. I know it’s early and sample size is an issue, but he has me dreaming of 15 dongers at this point.

Bengie Molina (.305)
A.J. Pierzynski (.313)
Carlos Ruiz (.331)
Rod Barajas (.296)

Ruiz is the big mover here, moving up seven spots. This isn’t due to his fast start, but more me re-evaluating my rankings. Most of it comes from the fact that some of the players above him needed to move down due to playing time issues, but nevertheless, Ruiz moves up. Barajas also debuts on the list, and it looks like he’ll get a big chunk of playing time in The Big Apple.

Miguel Montero (.352)
Chris Iannetta (.366)
Jeff Clement (.350, ZiPS and CHONE)
Ivan Rodriguez (.286)
John Baker (.333)

To be fair to Montero, who fell this far due to an unknown timetable for his return from a torn meniscus, here is what I said about him before the MRI results came back: “And the first move up goes to Montero, who moves up one slot and into the second tier. He had an injury scare recently, but the reports I have read seem to indicate that he’s fine.

Pudge makes his debut on the list, due to his move to the NL and his nice start. Jesus Flores may not be ready to make an impact at all this year, so Pudge will see significant time behind the plate. Iannetta moves down due to a time share with Miguel Olivo. I didn’t expect Iannetta to lose playing time so early, so I’m expecting this to last all season. Such a shame, too.

Screw You, Mr. Manager
Mike Napoli (.363)
Kelly Shoppach (.341)

I like power from my catcher hole. I really do. But, Shoppach and Napoli aren’t seeing much time, and in Napoli’s case, may not for awhile.

The Rest of ‘Em
Carlos Santana (.348, CHONE)
Jeff Mathis (.276)
Jason Kendall (.290)

Yes, I’d rather have a guy in the minors than Kendall or Mathis. And yes, I’d rather have Mathis’ current backup over him.

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Brad Johnson

If Santana were a position player, we’d be left wondering how many days he’ll remain in the minors. 4 homeruns in 4 days is a hell of a fast start.

What do you think the chances are that the Indians slot him into a Victor Martinez-like 1b/C role? I have to imagine there’s a decent chance that they’ll try it. Marson is definitely good enough for the weak half of a C platoon. And assuming they try that around mid-June, how do you find playing time for Branyon, Laporta, Brantley, and Hafner with only LF, 1/2 1b, and DH. Dump Branyon? Or do they shop Sizemore and his team friendly contract for an assload of talent.

Brad Johnson

Santana distracted me from the reason I hit the reply button…

No honorable mention for Chris Snyder? Fantasy owners in deep 2 C leagues would do well to pick him up for however long he remains the starter. I dropped Jeff Clement for him in my own deep keeper league (my other catchers are Wieters, Posey, and Santana)