Rankings Update: Catchers

Like Eno mentioned on Thursday, we will be updating the positions throughout the year to help you gauge trade offers and possible waiver pickups (for those wimps in shallow leagues). Without further ado, here is a look at the catcher position. Since we haven’t played any games (no, last night didn’t count), wOBA numbers are based on FANS projections unless otherwise noted.

Big Three:
Joe Mauer (.409 wOBA)
Brian McCann (.378)
Victor Martinez (.373)

Mauer really should be in a class all his own, but McCann and Martinez are good enough to stick with him. MockDraftCentral has Martinez being picked before McCann, but I’d rather have the man with the magic eyes. I have McCann hitting for a higher average and hitting more balls out of the park, so it’s a no-brainer in my book.

Happy to Have:
Matt Wieters (.364)
Russell Martin (.346)
Jorge Posada (.361)
Kurt Suzuki (.332)

This is a strange and diverse group. We have an up-and-comer (Wieters), a slightly injured player who is looking to bounce back (Martin), an old guy (Posada), and solid regular (Suzuki). I really liked Martin this year before his injury, and I still think he’ll be fine and put up a good line. If he doesn’t, well, some of my teams are going to have a hole to fill.

Cautiously Optimistic:
Geovany Soto (.354)
Miguel Montero (.352)
Mike Napoli (.363)
Ryan Doumit (.330)
Chris Iannetta (.366)

I wanted to put Soto into the “Happy to Have” group, but I think he may be too much of a question mark. I have him penciled in for 18 jacks and a .270 average, and I’d be happy with that with where I drafted him in a couple leagues. Some are much higher on Montero then I am, but his batting average scares me. Napoli and Iannetta are both good power options, and Doumit is a good batting average guy, but all will either share time or miss time due to injury.

Bengie Molina (.305)
A.J. Pierzynski (.313)

Guess what? These guys are old. Bengie really shouldn’t be starting ahead of Buster Posey, but Brian Sabean really likes fat players (or so it appears). Pierzynski won’t hit .300 again, and his HR’s could get dangerously close to single digits. Not a fan of drafting either of these guys this year, and would probably rather have a couple of the guys listed below.

The Rest of ‘Em:
Jeff Clement (.350, ZiPS and CHONE)
Yadier Molina (.330)
John Baker (.333)
Kelly Shoppach (.341)
Carlos Santana (.348, CHONE)
Carlos Ruiz (.331)

I actually like Clement this year in deeper leagues, even with my deep distrust of him after his failed stint in the Mariners system. Molina is a great real life catcher, but isn’t anything special in 5×5 leagues. Shoppach and Ruiz will both murder your batting average and won’t see more than 400 plate appearances. I really like Santana, but I don’t know how long the Tribe intends to keep him in the minors.

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8 Responses to “Rankings Update: Catchers”

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  1. pogotheostrich says:

    Swap Martin and Montero and I like the rankings. I’d move Ianetta down to the rest of ‘em tier since he’ll be splitting time.

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    • JR says:

      Iannetta won’t be splitting time any more than Napoli (2/3-3/4 of the playing time). And, he has the potential to put up the same big power numbers that make Napoli valuable.

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  2. The A Team says:

    I’m hopeful that Clement can be a below average everyday 1b, making him a top C eligible player.

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  3. VR says:

    Doesn’t Victor gets significantly higher ABs than McCann this year, given how Boston wants to use him and Varitek, and the DH slot availability?

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  4. JayCee says:

    How is Suzuki ahead of Montero?

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  5. Reuben says:

    I reached on Napoli and Wieters in a 2C league and grabbed Towles just in case as well. I think I’m going to regret that. I normally go the opposite direction. In one league I’m rostering Clement and Towles until I decide to cut the worse one.

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  6. Adam Reynolds says:

    Martinez and McCann aren’t good enough to hang with Mauer. Either I’d get Mauer or I’d hold off on a catcher till later. No to Martinez/McCann in the second-fourth round or a high dollar value.

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