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Rankings Update: First Base

After being listed as Day-to-Day with computer problems last week, I’m 100% and returning to your lineup. I’m going to stick with FANS projected wOBA for now, with a switch to 2010 stats after the first month is over.

The Machine
Albert Pujols (.442 wOBA)

If Albert was ever moved down, and he found out, I’d probably be dead the next morning.

Big Ballerz
Ryan Howard (.388)
Miguel Cabrera (.404)
Prince Fielder (.408)
Mark Teixeira (.405)

The “z” at the end makes it cool! Teixeira always starts out slow, so I’m not worried about him quite yet. I like what I’m seeing from Howard thus far, but I want to see him keep it up for the rest of the month.

Good to Go
Adrian Gonzalez (.395)
Kevin Youkilis (.401)
Joey Votto (.399)

A-Gon and Votto switch places this week. I really like Votto, but if someone offered me A-Gon for Votto I’d probably take it. This group is the one who’s order gave me the most trouble, so I’m interested to hear what you all think.

A Canadian, A Cuban, and a Fat Guy
Derek Lee (.381)
Justin Morneau (.377)
Kendry Morales (.362)
Adam Dunn (.385)

Dunn and Morales do a flip-flop here, since I’m liking Morales bringing the power early on. Mr. Maple Leaf is starting out strong in his own right, so you may see him up higher some time soon.

One of These Things is Not Like the Other
Carlos Pena (.381)
Billy Butler (.379)
James Loney (.344)
Todd Helton (.386)

Three high average hitters…and Carlos Pena. With the way the Rays are playing, it looks like Pena won’t be leaving St. Pete anytime soon.

Peg Legs
Garrett Jones (.347)
Adam LaRoche (.351)
Lance Berkman (.396)

Even though Berkman might come back this week, I’m dropping him way down. I don’t think he’ll stay healthy for long, and the rest of the junk heap that is the Astros will help drag his value down. I think LaRoche could be in the OTTNLO group soon, but he’s more likely to rise after his surge towards the second half of the season.

The Rest of ‘Em
Paul Konerko (.350)
Luke Scott (.346)
Nick Johnson (.390)
Chris Davis (.344)
David Ortiz (.362)
Russell Branyan (.359)

Papi and Johnson debut on the list, but probably not as high as you folks would like. I would not be surprised if Justin Smoak was called up in the middle of May, causing Davis to lose his gig.