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Rankings Update: First Base

I bet some of you fine folks are wondering where your catcher rankings are, right? Well, I am alternating weeks with catcher rankings and corner infield rankings. At this point in the year, rankings won’t change much week to week, so this is a much better option.

Gigantic Two
Miguel Cabrera
Albert Pujols

Dropping Albert to the number two spot doesn’t feel right, but Miggy deserves to be ranked above him.

Big Three
Justin Morneau
Adrian Gonzalez
Joey Votto

Remember when everyone got on my case for keeping Morneau down? Good times. After the top five, the rankings got really tricky. Here goes nothing.

Ryan Howard
Adam Dunn
Kevin Youkilis
Prince Fielder

I never thought I’d see Howard and Fielder down this far, but they’ve looked like mere mortals this season. Howard has an excuse (batting stance), but what’s Prince’s? Did he accidentally eat some meat?

I Am Jack’s First Baseman
Paul Konerko
Mark Teixeira
Garrett Jones
Troy Glaus

Jack has a catcher, so he should probably think about picking up a first baseman. I have no clue what is going on with Mark Teixeira, but it looks like he may have lost some pop in his bat compared to last year.

Writer’s Block
Billy Butler
Adam LaRoche
Nick Swisher
Luke Scott

If you want average, Butler’s your man. If you want OBP, Swisher’s your guy.

The Rest of ‘Em
David Ortiz
Carlos Pena
James Loney
Aubrey Huff
Lance Berkman
Justin Smoak
Derrek Lee
Russell Branyan

Pena falls really far, because I’m not willing to pay for his batting average to get his homers. He has some luck issues, but he’s not helping anything. This is a big group, but I felt like all of them belonged together. Could make good points for all of them being above each other. Papi might belong in the “Writer’s Block” group, but I’m not comfortable putting him there.