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Rankings Update: First Base

Back, but probably not better than ever. If the rankings are crazy, blame my cold.

Gigantic Two
Albert Pujols
Miguel Cabrera

I knew it felt wrong to slide Cabrera in front of Pujols, so after some evaluation, Pujols is back on top. I expect Miggy to have better power numbers going forward, but the steals that Albert may grab you will make up for it.

Big Three
Joey Votto
Justin Morneau
Adrian Gonzalez

Three lefties, and three big performers. All of these guys will put up similar numbers, but I think Votto comes out ahead. But, really, can you go wrong with any of them?

Strong Contributors
Ryan Howard
Adam Dunn
Kevin Youkilis
Paul Konerko

Howard has been disappointing, Konerko has been a nice surprise, while Dunn and Youk continue to do their thing. Losing Pedroia, and possibly Victor for some time could hurt Youkilis’ value. …

I am Jack’s First Baseman
Prince Fielder
Mark Teixeira
Garrett Jones
Troy Glaus

It pains me to do it, but Fielder and Teixeira need to drop down this far. Fielder isn’t even driving in runs, something you’d expect even if he wasn’t hitting homers. I’m really close to putting Jones above Teixeira. Maybe Glaus, too.

Writers Block
Billy Butler
Nick Swisher
Adam LaRoche

Big AVG from Butler, but it’s a bit too empty. Swisher has been great, and LaRoche needs to bring his strikeout rate down.

The Rest of ‘Em
Luke Scott
Justin Smoak
Aubrey Huff
David Ortiz
Derrek Lee
Carlos Pena
Russell Branyan
Ike Davis
Lance Berkman

I know this group is huge, but that’s how close these guys are. You could take any one of these guys over another, and I couldn’t chew you out for it.