Rankings Update: Third Base

Back, but probably not better than ever. If the rankings are crazy, blame my cold.

Big Three
Evan Longoria
David Wright
Alex Rodriguez

Every week that A-Rod doesn’t show his old power, he continues to lose value. He is still a very good third baseman in real life, but his days as a dominant force may be over. I’d like to see Longoria hit a couple more dingers this week, otherwise Wright may be able to squirm his way into the number one spot.

Large Two
Ryan Zimmerman
Scott Rolen

Rolen still carries some injury risk, but he is really tearing it up.

Medium Four
Mark Reynolds
Casey McGehee
Michael Young
Adrian Beltre

Reynolds is doing everything he can to hit 40 homers, even if it means killing his batting average. Young is playing like a man who is much…never mind, that pun wasn’t worth it.

Sad Panda
Jorge Cantu
Ian Stewart
Jose Bautista
Pablo Sandoval

Cantu is steady, so he’s a good play if you want to know what you’re getting. Stewart has more power than he’s show, or so I think. Bautista will kill your average, but could save you with his power. And Pablo, well, he’s not doing so hot.

I am Jack’s Third Baseman
Kevin Kouzmanoff
David Freese
Casey Blake

If we all try hard enough, we can will David Freese to hit more homers. Blake has always been a favorite bench guy of mine, because you know what you’re getting year-in and year-out.

The Rest of ‘Em
Neil Walker
Chase Headley
Pedro Alvarez
Chipper Jones

Slow down, Pedro. Just do your thing and everything will come together. With Edwin Encarnacion getting DFA’d, I had to find a new guy to fill out the list. I’m liking what Neil Walker is showing, and it doesn’t surprise me one bit.

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18 Responses to “Rankings Update: Third Base”

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  1. cavegravedave says:

    Are these rankings supposed to be used as value-indicators for the rest of the season from this day forward or just a different version of ESPNs ‘player rater’ tool?

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    • Zach Sanders says:

      Going forward. Why would we care about what they’ve done so far?

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      • cavegravedave says:

        I think it’s crazy that you have scott rolen ahead of guys like michael young, mark reynolds, and pablo sandoval because of a good 3 month stretch this year.

        Way too much weight is being put on current performance and not enough on past performance. And a player’s health-prospects needs to be considered more seriously as well.

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  2. S.W. says:

    Michael Cuddyer has 3B elig. in Yahoo lgs

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  3. Adam says:

    Where would Youker file in with these rankings? I know he has the 3B elidg for at least this year.

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  4. woyme says:

    Aramis Ramirez?

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  5. Tom B says:

    “Every week that A-Rod doesn’t show his old power, he continues to lose value. ”

    So I guess the 3 HR’s he hit this week, didn’t show him regaining his form at all.

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    • Zach Sanders says:

      This is what happens when I’m sick and on drugs.

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      • Tom B says:

        I wouldn’t say that your ranking is unjustified, even if he starts hitting for power his speed numbers are all but gone. That would keep wright and longoria ahead of him for the forseeable future, but Alex has looked better at the plate in the last maybe 2 weeks. He claims to have adjusted his stance last week, and he has been driving the ball much better since.

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  6. Scott K. says:

    Oh Pablo, my Pablo. Why have you forsaken us?

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  7. todmod says:

    Wow, McGehee is way too high here. He’s been absolutely brutal the past month (40th among 3rd basemen in the ESPN player rater), and it’s not like he had great numbers in the minors to support his hot start. I’d put him at the back of the Sad Panda division.

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    • DonCoburleone says:

      Yeah that is my 1 beef with the rankings also. McGehee has absolutely no business being ranked ahead of Michael Young and Adrian Beltre… And actually now that I think about it and look at his stats, Beltre should definately be in the next tier with Zimmerman and Rolen. If you trust Rolen’s numbers so far and believe they will continue, how can you not make the same assumption with Beltre?

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      • Jake R says:

        McGehee is ranked a tier to high. ZIPS sees him as comparable to Ian Stewart the rest of the way and clearly worse than the rest of the Sad Panda tier. I expect McGehee to underperform his projection too, as it seems MLB pitching has made the adjustments to get him out and his minor league numbers don’t give much cause for being optimistic. It was a fun ride while it lasted.

        I can’t argue with Beltre’s ranking. He has a lot of volatility in his projection. It’s hard to be sure exactly how much playing half his games in Safeco was hurting him outside of a lot. His inherent risk as a fantasy asset makes his ranking perfectly reasonable.

        I’d probably get rid of the second tier and bump up Zimmerman and down Rolen. But, if there is going to be a second tier that isn’t solely inhabited by Zimmerman, Rolen is as good a choice as any and I won’t quibble too much there.

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      • Reuben says:

        Personally, I think it’s a better assumption with Beltre b/c of health and how well suited he is to hit in Boston. As long as enough people stay healthy to get on base in front of him.

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  8. Liam says:

    No faith in Jose Lopez or Aramis Ramirez coming around?

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  9. danny woytek says:

    Prado has 3b eligibility too methinks

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  10. Dennismenis321 says:

    I would put Youkilis in the second tier without any hesitation. With his 1B/3B eligibility, I took him with my 3rd pick in a 10 team Yahoo draft with custom categories(12×12).

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  11. Bobby says:

    Beltre’s BABIP is around .370, compared to a career mark of .294. Some of that could be Fenway but not all of it.

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