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Recent Moves: Huff, Garland, Uribe

Let’s take a quick look at the fantasy impact of a trio of recent transactions…

Huff Re-Ups With The Giants

Aubrey Huff went from a man without a job in January to a .388 wOBA in the regular season, helping the Giants to their first World Championship in San Francisco. GM Brian Sabean committed one of baseball’s cardinal sins when he re-signed Huff for big money after he played hero, especially when his performance showed signs of regression during the season and into the playoffs. After coming out of the gate with a .409 wOBA and 20 homers in the season’s first four months, he dipped down to a (still solid) .349 wOBA with just six homers from August onward. His playoff performance (.292 wOBA) wasn’t much to write about either.

With no significant change in his batted ball profile (a few less grounders, a few more line drives) and minimal improvements in his contact and plate discipline rates, there’s little evidence of a real change in Huff’s approach and underlying performance. That’s not to say he won’t be productive in 2010, just don’t expect another extended Albert Pujols impersonation, certainly not at that age (34 next month) and not in that park.

Garland Goes Back To LA

Jon Garland‘s had himself a heck of a career, amassing 23.3 WAR (16.2 in the last six seasons) and soaking up innings like few others. His fantasy value is minimal because of a measly strikeout rate (4.84 K/9 career) and a tendency to put a lot of men on base, but he’ll get you double digit wins and shouldn’t blow up your ERA. The most from the Padres to the Dodgers does little, Garland’s basically the same guy he always was.

Uribe Cashes In

Two offseasons ago, Juan Uribe had to settle for minor league contract and an invitation to Spring Training. Now he’s busy celebrating a three year contract that will put $7M in his pocket on annual basis. He brings his ~.200 ISO to the Dodgers, where he’ll slide in at second base. Uribe’s best asset is his multi-position eligibility and ability to approach, if not exceed, 20 homers on an annual basis. The change in run environments won’t do much to his value; he’ll still kill you in an OBP league but serve as a fine second or third tier option at either middle infield spot in regular leagues.