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We’ve been over it before, but the concept of “replacement level” is very important in regular old (boring) baseball, and it may be equally important in fantasy baseball. So, in order to better nail down a replacement level, I need your help. But first, some basics on replacement level before we get to the voting.

A replacement level player is defined as “a player who is available on the waiver wire in a majority (50.01%) of leagues.”

In theory, no drafted players would be below replacement level. In this case, theory isn’t reality. Some players taken in the last couple rounds will be at (or below) replacement level, and that is just fine. The problem is figuring out exactly when the players we are drafting turn into replacement level players, and that is the point of this exercise.

The easiest way to think about it is this: at what point do the players you are drafting become interchangeable with the players on the waiver wire? I think we can all agree that this happens at some point during the final leg of the draft, but at what point exactly? That’s what I am asking you to figure out.

Below is a link to a voting form asking the very simple question that I mentioned above: “at what point during the last rounds do the players you are drafting become virtually interchangeable with the players on the waiver wire?”

The voting isn’t trivial, so please pick the answer that corresponds to what you have noticed in your vast fantasy experience. For the voting, assume this a 12-team standard league, if you please.

To submit your vote, click here.

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Mike D
Mike D

In auction leagues (12-team AL/NL, 23 & 25 players per team), at around $2-$3 is replacement level.