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Roto Graphs Survey Results

On Friday, I asked for our reader’s input on a few topics and here are some of the results. Thanks to everyone that filled out a survey (over 330 filled out) and hopefully we can use the information to better serve our readership:

5 categories for each pitching and hitting: 58%

Even with the expansion of other types of fantasy leagues, the basic 5×5 league is still the most common.

Types of Leagues
Roto 46%
H2H 50%
Other 4%

There was almost a 50%-50% split between head to head and roto. We may have not been giving the H2H format enough credit, so there may be more content on them in the future.

Average Number of Teams in a Mixed League:12.4
10 Team League: 24%
12 Team League: 43%
14 or more teams: 20%

Leagues are generally small in number with 2/3 of the leagues having between 10 to 12 teams. This fact leads us to our next bit of data:

% of leagues with a player over 50% owned in all leagues, but still available on the waiver wire: 75%

I have seen many comments on waiver wire articles that the players covered were not available in their leagues. These owners must be the vocal few and players over 50% owned may be popping up more in WW articles.

Percentage of leagues with 1,2, or 3 DL spots: 73%

The number of DL spots for leagues seems low. Long term DL stashing doesn’t seem like a viable option for many owners useless it is a top tier player.

Days for position qualification
1: 2.%
5: 39%
10: 39%
20: 5%

These number are fairly common.

Designate a difference between SP/RP: 77%

With the high number of H2H leagues and those that have SP/RP designations, we should write more articles on starting pitchers with RP qualifications.

Weekly Lineup changes: 24%
Daily Lineup changes: 74%

Mixed League: 89%
AL Only 6%: 6%
NL Only 4%: 4%

Nothing ground breaking with the 2 previous results.

Keeper League: 62%

This was probably the most surprising number out of the whole survey. Almost 2/3 of the leagues are keeper leagues. This off season we will look into more strategies/rankings for these leagues.

FAAB Budget: 20%
Reserve Roster: 30%

I am actually surprised that the numbers are this high for these two results. More future content may be coming on these two topics.

Auction League: 27%
Draft League: 70%

This seems about right with the ease of running a snake draft

Well that is all for today. I may cut and sort the data a little more, but the preceding is a nice snapshot of the current Rotographs readership. In the future we hope to direct more content for the types of leagues and rules readers use. Finally, thanks again for everyone that participated in the survey.