Roto Riteup: August 27, 2013

Today’s Roto Riteup is drenched in sweat and erect in anticipation.

On today’s agenda:
1. Matt Harvey’s UCL is torn, may need TJ
2. Aaron Harang DFA’d
3. Bartolo Colon may be back on Thursday

Matt Harvey’s UCL is torn, may need TJ
Outside of his shoulder literally falling off or some kind of vicious decapitation, Harvey having a partially torn UCL is the worst. Harvey has been put on the DL, and he will remain there for the rest of the 2013 campaign, and perhaps all of the 2014 season. Harvey is still being evaluated, and a torn UCL doesn’t always mean surgery; it usually does, but there’s still a chance that Harvey can rehab through it and be ready for 2014.

Life sucks sometimes, and I really do feel for Mets fans. They haven’t been able to catch much of a break in a long time, and losing their best player is no way to turn things around.

Aaron Harang DFA’d
Before I was subjected to Harang in Seattle this year, I remembered the big right-hander as the former top fantasy option in 2005, 2006, and 2007. This year, though, Harang was not so good, and now the Mariners have decided they’d rather have Harang’s rotation spot open for younger options. Hector Noesi and Brandon Maurer are options for the present, but Taijuan Walker could get a chance to start a few games when rosters expand in September. If he had not fallen apart only a month ago, James Paxton would likely also be in the mix.

Noesi was quite bad when starting in the bigs last year, as well as in the minors this season. Noesi was acquired in the Jesus Montero deal, but all involved in that trade have turned out to be disastrous. Maurer got a chance at the start of the year, but he was bad and not so awesome in the minors. Neither option excites me, both as a person and a Mariners fan.

Bartolo Colon may be back on Thursday
Big Fat Bartolo has been out since earlier this month, but the Oakland Athletics have him penciled in for a start on Thursday. Bartolo hasn’t made any rehab starts, but he did throw just under 40 pitches in some bullpen work yesterday afternoon. If Bartolo can’t start, Jesse Chavez is likely to take his place. Brett Anderson would obviously be a more exciting option, but the A’s have already made it clear that he will be not be taking the mound at that time at that capacity.

We’ve been waiting on a little bit of Bartolo regression all year long, and maybe after some time off the tubby right-hander will have lost some magic.

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  1. surista says:

    Got Wood and Salazar going against each other in Atlanta. Don’t want to start both (am up against an innings limit and don’t want to eat through 15 innings when I’m capped at 1 win).

    Cleveland the better offense for the year, has struggled recently; Salazar not great the last month (no wins, 19 K’s, 4.24 ERA and 1.12 WHIP in 17 innings) Wood has been great (2 wins, 30 K’s, 1.72 ERA and 0.86 WHIP in 30 innings).

    I’m leaning Wood, but it’s very close…

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    • Sky says:

      I’d go Wood, too, I’ve got him and I like his chances. As great as hes been, hes slightly better at home

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  2. Bubba says:

    Unfortunate Harvey owner here. Any top pitching prospects expected to make a strong September debut?

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  3. pudieron89 says:

    I find the OP inappropriate for your younger readers. What if my daughter had seen the computer when I opened the link?

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    • IDrago says:

      You could easily explain as a description of great concentration? Which is every bit as plausible as what your dirty mind jumped to?

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  4. Shawnuel says:

    I prefer the spoonerism for Fat Bart……..Bat Fart.

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