Roto Riteup: August 3, 2013

Rather than celebrate National Mustard Day, the present author will listen to some semi-local music in Mustard Plug instead.

On today’s agenda:
1. Brandon Belt finally plays, hits
2. Welcome back, Curtis Granderson: Part II
3. Another quality start from Hector Santiago

Brandon Belt finally plays, hits
In his first start since Sunday, Brandon Belt made the most of it by going 3-for-4 and swatting his 11th home run of the year. He’s now hitting .261/.337/.444 in 362 plate appearances. Belt’s 121 wRC+ ties him for second best among qualified hitters on the San Francisco Giants with Hunter Pence and behind Buster Posey. Despite this success, recently Belt has been losing first base playing time to Brett Pill. If Belt manages to receive regular playing time then he is worth an add, however it seems as though a match up situation (read: platoon) has developed. If a strict platoon situation does develop, at least Belt will receive the majority of the playing time. For now Belt is a tough player to add or own, as he deserves regular playing time but just isn’t getting it. Belt is owned in less than 45% of CBS leagues, 28% of Yahoo! formats, and a scant 12% of ESPN leagues.

Welcome back, Curtis Granderson: Part II
Yesterday the New York Yankees activated Curtis Granderson from the disabled list. This is the second time the club has done so this year. Granderson started in left field and hit fifth in the lineup, though he was held hitless on the day. Coming off of back-to-back seasons of 40+ home runs, Granderson has the power to make a difference in these last 50 games. For owners who have held on to Granderson through his injuries or who have traded for for him in an attempt to buy low, let us hope that he delivers in these final eight weeks.

Another quality start from Hector Santiago
In his 10 starts since June 9, Hector Santiago has eight quality starts. After yesterday’s seven strikeout performance he now has 65 strikeout against 26 walks during that time, spanning 60.2 innings. As a starter, Santiago had a 9.3% swinging strike rate prior to yesterdays start and his strikeout rate seems to be real. Unfortunately, his walk rate is where keeping it real goes wrong (warning: language, it is from the comedic genius Dave Chappelle).

Against sub-par offenses Santiago makes for a great spot starter, as his strikeout rate is enough to keep him interesting and relevant in 12-team mixed leagues. Be wary of the his fly-ball tendencies, 34.2% GB% this year, and make sure to start him in favorable parks and matchups. Santiago won’t win you your league, but he can help gather strikeouts and perhaps grab a win or two down the stretch. Given his status as both SP and RP eligible, one can slot Santiago in as a reliever on days that he is due to start. This flexibility helps maximize his value as a spot or stream starter. He is currently available in over 50% of CBS leagues, 85% of Yahoo! formats, and 90% of ESPN leagues.

J.B. Shuck’s ridiculous catch. The reaction shot of Jose Bautista really brings the clip together.

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  1. Turbo Sloth says:

    I saw Mustard Plug in Boston! They asked if anyone went to Berklee College of Music and I jumped up and down raising my hands. Then they told everyone to laugh at the sucker wasting thousands of dollars to do what anyone could do for free. It was awesome.

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  2. FeslenR says:

    surprised the Angels fans didn’t try and brace Shuck when he fell in. What an amazing catch though. And the Astros let him go, oops.

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  3. dan says:

    Who would be the better pickup in a category league: Santiago, Quintana, or Nova?

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  4. dirck says:

    It seems that sometimes managers just don’t like certain players and will look for any excuse not to play them . Unfortunately that seems to be the case with Bochy and Belt . It took about 3 years of Bochy jerking Belt around , keeping him on the bench and then sending him down to thee minors ,repeat same process several times each year,even though Belt was clearly the Giants best option at 1B . He finally ,reluctantly ,gave Belt a reasonable amount of playing time this year ,but it clearly bothers him because even though ,as you say ,Belt is tied for the second best wRC+ on the team ,Bochy is once again looking for an excuse not to play him .

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  5. dirck says:

    I have heard a bit of criticism of the Yankees for not doing more to improve their offense before the trading deadline ,but it seems to me that with getting Soriano from the Cubs and getting Jeter and Granderson ( and A-Rod ???) back from the DL ,the Yankees have done more than any team in baseball to improve their offense .I hate the Yankees and would be very happy to see them lose every game for the rest of the year ,but the truth is the truth .

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    • David Wiers says:

      Count me in the group that was surprised they didn’t do more. But yeah, if Jeter and Granderson come back and are 75-80% of what they were last year, the Yanks should be fine.

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  6. Brian says:

    Mr. Wires, what group of two keepers would you pick, votto and goldschmidt OR Harper and wil Myers? Inquiring minds want to know!

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    • David Wiers says:

      Haha, you must be The Common Man, aka Mr. Bates, because he is forever pronouncing my name Wires, as opposed to the correct Wiers (rhyming with ears, beers, cheers, and dear).

      I’ll go with Harper and Myers. The outfield is deep with hitters, but not as deep as first base. I assume your league has some sort of inflation, and thus throwing Votto and Goldy back while keeping the (presumably) cheaper Myers and Harper should free up a huge chunk of budget while maintaining a good core of players.

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  7. Pdiddy31 says:

    God I miss Chapelle. Thanks for taking me back for a few minutes.

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