Roto Riteup: July 10, 2013

Today’s Roto Riteup author defied all stereotypes by wearing pants while writing this article. The author did not wear a shirt, though, because it’s hot as balls out.

On today’s agenda:
1. It’s finally Adam Eaton time
2. Omar Infante goes to DL
3. Yasmani Grandal’s out a full year
4. Beware Biogenesis

It’s finally Adam Eaton time
For someone who was supposed to be out for a mere few weeks, it took Eaton a few months to heal up and make it back to the Diamondbacks this season. Eaton missed the first half of the year after spraining his UCL, but now he should be playing almost every day going forward. The D’Backs finally have the outfield depth they projected before the season began, with Cody Ross, Gerardo Parra, and Jason Kubel all deserving playing time in one way or another. While the four outfielders were expected to create a crowd, moving Martin Prado back to third means Eric Chavez’s playing time will be completely shattered. Chavez has hit .303 this year in his limited playing time, and while Prado has been far worse offensively, I doubt the Snakes will give up on him in favor of a 35-year-old.

Omar Infante goes to DL
Infante has been placed of the disabled list following almost a week of missed action due to a sprained ankle. Since this sounds like a simple sprain, Infante could be back as soon as his 15 days are up, but ankles are tricky and one never knows these things. Infante hit .257 with the Tigers after being acquired last year, but he has hit .309 with good doubles power and a handful of steals already this year, and has been a great middle infielder for owners with the extra roster spot.

Yasmani Grandal’s out a full year
If you haven’t seen the footage of Grandal’s leg injury, do yourself a favor and don’t. Grandal’s injury was serious enough that he was forced to undergo surgery for a torn ACL, and the prognosis is 9 to 12 months of recovery. Grandal missed the start of the 2013 due to a steroid suspension, and now he’ll miss the start of the 2014 season, too. While players tend to want to get back on the field, I have to think that Grandal will miss at least a month of the 2014 season, and there’s even a chance he won’t be back until next year’s All-Star Break.

Beware Biogenesis
While this headline feels like it’s older than the earth itself, it sounds as if MLB is stepping up its efforts to suspend players involved in the Biogenesis steroid scandal. Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun are two of the bigger names mentioned, and it sounds as if suspensions will be handed down around the trade deadline.

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  1. mikeincmn says:

    I’m not concerned about the Biogenisis stuff at all. I expect a length appeals process for every player involved.

    Would you rather have Eaton the rest of the way over Wil Myers?

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    • FeslenR says:

      depends on your needs. I like both Eaton and Myers a lot, but Myers will have plenty of playing time…and playing time for Eaton is uncertain, well in my humble opinion anyway.

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    • Goose. says:

      I heard on the radio that as a 2nd time offender, Colon cannot “stay” his suspension through the appeal process. Seems like (perhaps) some of the logic behind why the A’s brought up Sonny Gray.

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      • pops says:

        Would this apply to a player like Melky Cabrera, as well? Will MLB find that his second offense was different than his first? I ask beause a guy like Rajai Davis would certainly see a spike in value if Melky were to be lost for the year.

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  2. lesmash says:

    I have to think that there is still significantly more injury risk with Eaton than there is with Myers, so I would play it safe and go with Myers on this one. If you need SB, consider dealing Myers for someone like Ben Revere and another bump (in a redraft, anyways).

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  3. dirck says:

    I would think that MLB would want to speed up the Biogenesis appeal process and get the whole thing over with ASAP ,but the next time MLB/Bud does anything intelligent will be the first time .

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