Roto Riteup: July 15, 2013

Today’s Roto Riteup was penned while the author watched the end of Brandon Workman’s no-hit bid.

On today’s agenda:
1. Justin Smoak and Lonnie Chisenhall
2. Matt Garza and his likely destinations

Justin Smoak and Lonnie Chisenhall
Smoak and Chisenhall were both highly touted prospects who have largely struggled against major league pitching. However, both top prospects seemed to have found some life lately.

Smoak, in 21 games post-DL: 85 PA, .320/.400/.587, 5 HR, 9 BB, 16 K; .352 BABIP
Chisenhall, in 21 games post-minors: 77 PA, .292/.338/.514, 3 HR, 5 BB, 12 K; .316 BABIP

Smoak’s improvements are visible in his swing, not just his numbers, but I have not seen enough of Chisenhall to comment on his situation. Even if both of these gents can’t keep this up 100%, it’s a good sign that their careers may be back on track.

Matt Garza and his likely destinations
It’s been made pretty clear that the Cubs will be trading Matt Garza within the next few days, or at the very least before the trade deadline. Garza hasn’t had an ERA over 4.00 since 2006 despite playing against the Yankees and Red Sox quite frequently, so while moving will alter his fantasy value, it remains to see how much it truly will.

Garza’s most likely destination is the Rangers. The Rangers are currently one of the two Wild Card teams, but their rotation has been decimated by injuries. Matt Harrison, Colby Lewis and Neftali Feliz have both pretty much been out all year, and Alexi Ogando hasn’t been able to consistently stay on the mound. Both Derek Holland and Yu Darvish are quality playoff starters, but adding Garza to the mix would make them even scarier. Having to pitch in Texas could be slightly problematic for Garza, since he has been susceptible to dingers in much friendly parks.

Coming in second right now is the Toronto Blue Jays, who are currently below .500 and about 10 games out of the playoff hunt. Like Texas, Garza could struggle in Toronto, but I don’t see him ending up north of the border.

Another possibility is the Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles already acquired Scott Feldman from the Cubs to help sure up their rotation, but they could still use another quality arm to help them catch the Rays and Rangers. Just like Texas and Toronto, Baltimore isn’t a friendly ballpark.

Among all the teams looking into Garza, his best fit may be with the Cleveland Indians. The Indians ballpark isn’t a bandbox, and the Tribe has been able to put a solid defense around their pitchers. If you own Garza, root for him to go to Cleveland.

My unofficial HR Derby pick that could change before the ceremonies begin: Prince Fielder

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8 Responses to “Roto Riteup: July 15, 2013”

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  1. JC4CubsWin says:

    In order to keep on “Attempting to Build a Solid Foundation” the Cubs should trade Matt Garza. They are attempting to get the foundation in place in the low minors right now. I guess there is no use to sign him to a “Large Multi-Year Contract and not have the support there to get him over the hump. Between his time in the AL and the NL he has only a .500 W/P% so if it were my money I would trade him and get as many prospects as possible.

    If this does happen good luck to any members of the current team that going to get shipped out.

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  2. mikeincmn says:

    Any thoughts on the ROS value of Chris Archer? I have been looking at grabbing another starting pitcher from my waiver wire and Archer, Kluber, Stults and Hefner appear to be the best available. Archer probably has the most intrigue to me because he is the most touted of the group in terms of raw talent, but Kluber’s K-Rate along with the fact his advanced metrics are better than what he has performed so far is intriguing as well.

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  3. binqasim says:

    Who to start over next week and a half in standard 5×5 league: lohse vs masterson?
    lohse’s likely opposition is marlins on friday and SD on Thursday
    masterson’s likely opposition is twins on sunday and texas some time following weekend.
    I am leaning towards Lohse.

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  4. Ian says:

    What’s your thoughts on LoMo vs. Smoak. Who would you rather have here? Both $1 keepers Roto league.

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    • dirck says:

      It seems like we have been waiting forever for both of these guys . LoMo at least has the excuse of having been played out of position and injured virtually ever since he came up ,so I would lean towards him .

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  5. AnthonySoprano says:

    Since I have Garza in an NL only keeper league at $3, my hope is that he’s dealt to the Dodgers …

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    • dirck says:

      I would prefer to see Garza go to the Dogers also ,since he is on one of my fantsy teams ,but I don’t think that the Dodgers have the prospects to get it done .Orioles ,Texas , or maybe even Boston,which wasn’t mentioned seem more likely .

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  6. dirck says:

    Something that hasn’t been mentioned is that the Cubs have quite a few good prospects coming up or young players already on the club at just about every position other than pitcher or catcher. Rizzo at 1B,Alcantara at 2B,Casro at SS ,Baez at SS,3B,or OF,Bryant at 3Bor OF ,and Almora and Soler in the OF.Maybe they will be looking for a team that is willing to trade pitching prospects for a shot to win now ,Arizona or Baltimore maybe ?

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