Roto Riteup: June 25, 2013

This morning’s Roto Riteup was prepared rough (caution, language).

On today’s agenda:
1. Zack Wheeler to start today
2. Reminder: Jose Reyes to be activated tomorrow
3. Speculation on Trevor Bauer
4. Three true outcomes: Ubaldo Jimenez

Zack Wheeler to start today
The story line of Wheeler’s debut was strikeouts, walks, and zero runs allowed. Today he’ll make his second start and square off against the Chicago White Sox. With Jonathon Niese on the 15-day disabled list with a partially torn rotator cuff, Wheeler will almost assuredly stick in the Mets rotation for the long term. Wheeler is mostly likely owned in your league settings, though if by some miracle he is available, grab him.

Reminder: Jose Reyes to be activated tomorrow
After missing almost 11 weeks, Jose Reyes is set to make his return to the Toronto Blue Jays tomorrow. Reyes will also return to his typical lead off spot and his runs and steals should be a welcome return to fantasy owners everywhere. The level of competition should be noted, but in one High-A and one Triple-A steal attempt, Reyes was a combined 2-for-2. His ankle — and how his ankle affects his speed — appears to be in line.

Something of note is that all of Reyes’ rehab starts came on grass rather than an artificial surface. Gone are the days of the Jays playing on old school AstroTurf®, though Rogers still has an artificial surface known as GameDay Grass™, which is from the makers of AstroTurf®. How well Reyes and his injury history, both long ago and recent, hold up on this artificial surface is yet to be seen. For what it is worth, Reyes fits the “buy” category for the present author. Reyes’ speed and run scoring potential is mouth watering, especially given the Jays status as a top 10 offense by runs scored, stolen bases, and home runs.

Speculation on Trevor Bauer
With the Cleveland Indians on their way to a doubleheader against the White Sox this Friday, the Indians have tipped their hand regarding who will be used as the extra starter. Manager Terry Francona told reporters that while T.J. House has been called up, he will pitch out of the bullpen for the time being. This leads to speculation and circumstantial evidence that the Indians plan on calling up Trevor Bauer. When directly asked if Bauer will start on Friday, Francona was quoted as saying “We’re not going to announce that, but he is aligned for that start.” That should be enough to stash Bauer on your roster in the next day or two. Bauer is available in 45% of Yahoo! leagues, 72% of CBS formats, and nearly every ESPN leagues.

Three true outcomes: Ubaldo Jimenez
In the wake of yesterday’s five strikeout, two walk, and two home runs allowed start, Jimenez may be earning himself a reputation. He has fanned, walked (including his one HBP) , or given up a dinger to 38.6% of the batters he’s faced thus far. For a hitters comparison, Adam Dunn is achieving one of his three true outcomes at a 44% clip.

Jimenez has seen his strikeout rate rebound this year and many of his plate discipline stats help tell the story. He has seen a boost to his SwStr%, F-Strike%, O-Swing%, and a lower Contact% compared to his past two seasons. This re-discovered strikeout rate could be the real deal.

On the other hand, his fastball is averaging 91.4 mph, the lowest of his career, and the continuation of a three year decline in velocity. To see fastball velocity drop while walks go up as a player gets older should come as no surprise, however not in the extreme degree and rapidity that we’ve seen happen to Ubaldo. For now, even with the strikeouts, Ubaldo only makes for a deep league stream option. If he ever manages to reign in the walk rate and the home run rates — something that looks like an increasingly unlikely task — then Jimenez will once again be relevant in standard mixed 12-team leagues. Until then, only someone who is hurting for strikeouts while also having ERA and WHIP to burn should approach him.

Bonus: Wil Myers is strong

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  1. pudieron89 says:

    Jays are #11 offense by wRC+; not a top 10 offense

    -8 Vote -1 Vote +1

    • Giovani says:

      “a top 10 offense by runs scored, stolen bases, and home runs.”

      Try reading it again.

      Vote -1 Vote +1

      • pudieron89 says:

        The Mariners are a top 10 offense by home runs. Give me park-adjusted aggregate stats that are actually predictive of future performance or go to bleacher report and champion RBIs.

        -7 Vote -1 Vote +1

      • James says:

        I’ll take Bleacher Report comments over your zero value added drivel.

        Vote -1 Vote +1

    • David Wiers says:

      That sentence, like all of these, should be read through the lens of fantasy baseball, not real baseball.

      If you play in a wRC+ league, more power to you.

      Vote -1 Vote +1

  2. Ben says:

    Really Excited for Reyes to come back. Thank God i had E.Cabrera(although i traded him) and JJ Hardy already on my team when he went down.

    Also, should I try and sell Chase Headley? I know where there was article about how he’s a prime candidate to heat up, but I already have Longoria and I’m tired of waiting.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

    • mikeincmn says:

      Depends on the deal you can get for Headley, I would wait until he gets hot. Right now you wouldnt be selling from a position of strength like you would if he can put together a couple hot weeks.

      Vote -1 Vote +1

    • David Wiers says:

      Whoa, you have a ton of middle infield value, or are these separate leagues?

      As for Headley, I just don’t think you’ll be able to come close to his true value via trade. The best bet is to hang on to him at this point.

      Vote -1 Vote +1

  3. lee says:

    Stream Robbie Erlin? any updates on his rest of season outlook?

    Vote -1 Vote +1

    • David Wiers says:

      I’d stream him against the Phillies in my deeper league, but in 12-team mixed I’m not ready for that sort of commitment.

      That last part wasn’t meant to come across like a boyfriend pushing away his girlfriend when she asks about marriage, but it ended up sounding that way anyways. So it goes.

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  4. mikeincmn says:

    Any thoughts on Martin Prado ROS? He just got dropped in one of my leagues for Nick Franklin, I have Alcedis Escobar as my SS, Prado should be a solid upgrade correct?

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  5. David Wiers says:

    Sorry for being late getting to the comments today. You all know that isn’t my style. My internet has been out from the storms and just got it back. Thanks for being patient!

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