Roto Riteup: June 28, 2013

Today’s Roto Riteup was written while enjoying the sounds of the (now defunct) Chicago pop-punk band Three Cent Cinema.

On today’s agenda:
1. What to look for when streaming against the New York Yankees
2. Juan Francisco‘s power
3. Update on Dylan Bundy

What to look for when streaming against the New York Yankees
Even before Derek Holland‘s complete game shut out yesterday is factored in, the Yankees have struggled against left-handed pitching. Including starters and relievers, Yankees hitters have accumulated a .238.311/.345 line against southpaws. In the coming days the Yanks will square off against lefties T.J. McFarland, Zach Britton, and Scott Diamond. Normally none of those starters would be worthy of streaming, but when squaring off against the New York lineup, weekly deep leaguers may risk a blow out for six or seven quality innings. None will offer much in the way of strikeouts, however one solid outing can go a long way in lowering a weeks ratios or grabbing a win. Standard 5×5 roto players should look elsewhere, as some of the numbers reflected are due to LOOGY’s coming in specifically for some of the left-handed Yankee batters as well as batters who were filling in for injured players, e.g. Mark Teixeira. Make sure to keep the overall numbers in mind when the Yankees are pitted against a waiver wire lefty.

Juan Francisco‘s power
With just 66 PA’s in a Milwaukee Brewers uniform, Juan Francisco has already belted four home runs and now has hit a home run in three straight games. His 11 hits look much better when six of them have gone for extra-bases. Power has never been a question for Francisco, as his .182 career ISO and 23 home runs in 567 PA’s would suggest. With Corey Hart now with two injured knees and only Yuniesky Betancourt (.203/.234/.343) and Martin Maldonado (.171/.240/.306) currently on the 25-man roster to compete with at first base, Francisco offers raw power — at the cost of rate stats — and decent playing time. For anyone looking for 1B/3B help or a quick power boost, Francisco may crack another 10-15 home runs the rest of the way. Francisco is available in over 90% of CBS, Yahoo!, and ESPN leagues.

On a semi-related note, those of you who have been hanging on to Corey Hart can let him go. Some sources believe that Hart may miss the remainder of the season. After missing time following right knee surgery, now Hart is feeling discomfort in his left knee. The club has already made an appointment for him to see specialist Neal ElAttrache. Hart may still return sometime this season, though it may be too late to make a difference for your fantasy roster.

Update on Dylan Bundy
When we last looked at Dylan Bundy in late April, he was going to have his elbow looked at by Dr. James Andrews. It appears as though our fears have been realized. Bundy underwent Tommy John surgery yesterday morning and thus loses any fantasy value for the remainder of this year. Fellow fantasy nerds in redraft leagues can drop Bundy this year and possibly even leave him off of draft boards next season. Keeper leagues have a tougher choice, but given Bundy’s talent, keeping him on a minor league roster, if possible, makes the most sense. Here is to Bundy having a speedy recovery and dazzling us with his pitching in the major leagues sometime in 2014.

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  1. mikeincmn says:

    Any thoughts on Matt Joyce? He has been a pretty nice Util guy for me this season, but has slumped recently and I’m a bit concerned about consistent playing time in a somewhat crowded corner OF/DH crowd in Tampa. I’m not in desperate need of help at one specific position, just some bench depth or a Util bat, should I hang onto Joyce or drop him for someone like Eric Hosmer, Brett Lawrie (on a rehab assignment), Lenoys Martin, James Loney or Kyle Blanks?

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    • David Wiers says:
      FanGraphs Supporting Member

      I worried about his playing time when Myers was called up, even though I know Joyce is a great platoon hitter. For the names you listed, this is my preference in order:

      Joyce, Lawrie, Martin, Blanks, Hosmer, and then Loney.

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      • Knock says:

        Loney last? That seems low. 79 games deep he has produced a ton. He’s raking his way through the AL East pitching.

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  2. Fish says:

    Considering he’s getting the surgery now, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bundy not come back until 2015. He’s young sure, but they won’t rush him and he’ll probably need to rehab a while once healthy

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    • David Wiers says:
      FanGraphs Supporting Member

      Average TJ recover is 12-15 months, so he *might* see a cup of coffee next September, though you’re right, the O’s have no business rushing him.

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  3. Lee says:

    12 team, roto

    I know I should never pay for saves, but I’m worried about my closer situation, particularly Uehara and Henderson (also have holland & jim johnson). I could gain some serious roto points in the saves category, so thinking of trading Pablo Sandoval for Joe Nathan and riding Pedro Alvarez till the wheels fall off (just picked up Lawrie and not overly concerned with average/todd frazier also a FA).

    Am I being crazy for even considering a Pablo for Nathan swap? Sandoval doesn’t excite me in any way, but I don’t want to make a bonehead move.

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    • CaliforniaJag says:

      If you’re going to trade Sandoval, why not see if the owners with Chapman/Jansen/Kimbrel are willing to deal?

      Honestly, though…your closers are fine. Don’t do Sandoval for Nathan; you’ll probably regret it later.

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    • David Wiers says:
      FanGraphs Supporting Member

      Yeah, you’d be jumping the gun here. Stand pat and enjoy your team. Saves aren’t worth trading away Sandoval.

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