Roto Riteup: June 3, 2013

The author of today’s Roto Riteup has been anxiously awaiting the start of this week; not because of having to please you plebeians with my words, but because of other reasons.

On today’s agenda:
1. A Point about Ike Davis
2. Justin Smoak to the DL
3. Hyun-Jin Ryu misses start, should be ready for next go
4. Hanley Ramirez still a day or two away

A Point about Ike Davis
As of 6/2/2012: 175 PA, 5 HR, .167/.229/.290
Rest of 2012: 409 PA, 27 HR, .255/.342/.541

As of 6/2/2013: 188 PA, 4 HR, .160/.239/.249

Ike Davis hit a homer to deep center yesterday. Take what you will from these facts.

Justin Smoak to the DL
After missing a good deal of time with a strained oblique, the Mariners have finally placed Smoak on the disabled list. The move opens up a roster spot for Jeremy Bonderman, who’s frankly not very good.

With Smoak out, the likes of Jason Bay and Raul Ibanez will continue to see increased playing time, which is just oh-so-fantastic for fantasy owners. Ibanez has been providing power without walks or a decent batting average this year, turning himself into an even more version of 2012 Raul. Bay, on the other hand, is providing power while walking, making him much cooler and deserving of high-fives all around.

There is also some possibility of Alex Liddi receiving some time at first base to rest Kendrys Morales, but that will likely be the only reason he plays unless Eric Wedge wises up and decides to bench Raul against lefties.

Hyun-Jin Ryu misses start, should be ready for next go
Ryu missed his start yesterday with an ailing foot thanks to a ball hit with ill intent from his previous outing. Ryu has been surprisingly excellent for the Dodgers this year, and although there are some minor signs that could cause his numbers to slip, there’s no worries for roto owners. Ryu will make his next scheduled start, so don’t be afraid to slip him into your weekly lineups.

Hanley Ramirez still a day or two away
The Los Angeles Dodgers had planned to bring Hanley back to the bigs today, but now they’ll let him get in another rehab game or two before activating him from the DL. Due to multiple injuries, Hanley has only managed 12 big league plate appearances this year, which is certainly not what the Dodgers were hoping for when the season began. Hanley struggled during his last two seasons in Florida, but he looked a little more like his old self once moving to the Dodgers. Still under 30 years of age, Hanley is finishing off what should be in prime years.

Friendly reminder that the present author will be on r/fantasybaseball at 13:00 EST tomorrow answering questions, AMA style. 

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13 Responses to “Roto Riteup: June 3, 2013”

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  1. Ruki Motomiya says:

    I am amused how Ibanez has actually been decent offensively but his defensive flaws are sapping away any and all RL value.

    I’m pleased to see Bay doing good, as he is one of those guys who underachieved but I always sorta liked. I wonder if he is having less issues from concussions now or is more used to them?

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  2. dirck says:

    Bay is yet another beneficiary of getting away from the Mets .I doubt that there is any baseball franchise that has such a consistent record of seeing good hitters become worthless when they come to them,only to rebound in production once they go elsewhere .

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  3. Chris says:

    Is Cobb for Morse a good trade I’d get Morse I have a deep OF with c Davis, Coco,Bourn, and Cargo.I have Hamels on my Bench its a 10 man roto league.

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    • Sky says:

      I own Morse and would honestly love a pitcher like Cobb instead. Morse has good pop and a chance to get to 30 hrs if hes healthy, but gives me nothing else category-wise. low batting average, not many rbi opportunities, wont score many runs… I also have Reddick back now so I’m a little bitter about having 2 players with similar skill sets. I value Reddick higher just cuz i think he can throw in more steals. It’s up to you, but I prefer Cobb’s value over Morse’s one dimensional game. Cobb’s WHIP is at an elite level while Morse doesn’t have anything nearly that good going for him offensively I think. For Cobb I’d say you could do better

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    • STEALTH says:

      Yeah, I’d take Cobb too.

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    • mikeincmn says:

      Keep Cobb. You should be getting enough power from guys like Davis and Cargo and that’s all Morse really does now.

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  4. STEALTH says:

    Question of young pitchers… Wheeler is scheduled to make one more start in AAA and then join the Mets. Do you want Wheeler or Jose Fernandez? Why?

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    • Sgt Hulka says:

      I’d probably take Fernandez. It’s tough, but I think we have a better idea of what Fernandez can do in the bigs. Just my two cents.

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    • mikeincmn says:

      I would take Wheeler, neither team is any good, but the Mets are slightly better than the Marlins and the Mets bullpen scares me less than the Marlins pen which is just horrific. They will probably put up similar numbers the rest of the way, but Wheeler likely picks up a few more wins.

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      • Sky says:

        Def a tough call, Fernandez looks legit and you know what youll get from him more or less at this point. You’ll be taking a chance on Wheeler but can at least hope or expect to get similar numbers out of him. Both play in pitchers parks with pretty weak offense behind them. I would go with Wheeler just because I think the Mets will win more games and have a more reliable bullpen like mikeincmn said. Plus I’m thinking Wheeler learns a lot from Harvey along the way. It’ll be interesting to make the comparison the rest of the year tho

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  5. mikeincmn says:

    Ike Davis was actually dropped in a league I am in, would you rather have him the rest of the way or Mark Texiera?

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