Roto Riteup: May 12, 2013

Yesterday night Daric Barton hit a home run. The present author can virtually guarantee that every individual who was then wearing a Barton shirsey within a 50 miles radius of the author’s location stood up and danced. That the author is almost assuredly the only individual within said 50 mile radius to own a Barton shirsey is not a relevant point of fact.

On today’s agenda:
1. Chris Young aims for midweek come back
2. Ike Davis will bat clean up
3. A big night for Matt Dominguez
4. What to make of Adam Lind

Chris Young aims for midweek come back
Currently on the 15-day disabled list, Oakland Athletics outfielder Chris Young should be back in action on Wednesday of this week. With fellow outfielders Coco Crisp and Josh Reddick on the DL, Young should have no problem with playing time in the short term. For that matter, Young hasn’t had much difficulty finding playing time even with a healthy and full outfield. Despite not playing since April 30, Young is still ninth on the team with 101 plate appearances. His sound blend of power and speed make for a decent role player in deeper mixed leagues or even 12-team mixed leagues with deeper than standard rosters. Young is currently owned in 21% of CBS leagues, 11% of Yahoo! formats, and less than 5% of ESPN leagues.

Ike Davis will bat clean up
Yesterday Terry Collins, manager of the New York Mets, told reporters that he is done tinkering with the lineup and that Davis will resume hitting fourth starting today. There was nothing concrete about Davis remaining there long term, but Collins said that he is moving David Wright, Ike Davis, and Lucas Duda to run producing spots, at least for today. If Davis hits cleanup regularly — combined with regression in his .239 BABIP — Davis makes for a solid pick up. One can pick up Davis in over 40% of Yahoo! leagues, 50% of ESPN leagues, and 30% of CBS formats.

A big night for Matt Dominguez
Yesterday afternoon Matt Dominguez joined the club of players to hit at least one home run in the 2013 MLB season. In fact, Dominguez popped not one but two long balls to claim his first two home runs of the season. That being said, his slugging percentage — even counting both home runs — is now just .376 on the year. He is a warm body that is third base eligible. Unless you play in an all-AL West only league — which are actually quite fun — there probably isn’t a whole lot of value to be had owning him.

What to make of Adam Lind
For the second time in three games Adam Lind has hit a home run. He now has seven hits in his past five games and currently sports a flashy .409 OBP on the year. His current 19% walk rate won’t last forever, but his current 36% Swing% — if it continues — would be the lowest single season swing rate of his career. Lind has also cut his O-Swing% as well as his SwStr%. Being only first base/UTIL eligible hurts his value, but if Lind can hang on to some of the progress that his early season numbers indicate, he could have a solid year. He’ll sit against lefties most of the time, however his power and ability against right-handed pitchers shouldn’t be doubted. With Rajai Davis now on the 15-day disabled list, Lind may be in line for more playing time. Of the three major fantasy sites, Lind’s highest ownership rate is 15% at CBS.

Of note: Brandon Morrow has been scratched from today’s start and will be replaced with Chad Jenkins. Morrow missed his start Friday as well, and it seems as though his next start will be this Wednesday in an attempt to keep Morrow off of the disabled list.

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  1. James says:

    1) Barton played at my high school, a few years after me, along with another light-hitter: Justin Sellers of the Dodgers. TBH I’m surprised their both still on the Majors though I saw Barton was down at AAA earlier.
    2) I told everybody and their dog, back when he was drafted, that Matt Dominguez, while a good high school player was a HORRIBLE 1st round draft pick and that he wouldn’t hit. No one listened. Finally see Florida have up on him being their future third sacker but laughed when I saw he went to probably the only other worst team in baseball: Houston. Both Florida and Houston are AAA squads so maybe those are the only places that would give Dominguez a chance at the “Major League” level ;)

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  2. Fedee_ says:

    I’d play in an AL East only league

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  3. Sgt Hulka says:

    Hosmer, Konerko, or Ike Davis for the RoS?

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  4. shibboleth says:

    Thanks as always, David. Would appreciate your help with a trade question. My Frazier+Kelly Johnson for his Austin Jackson and Vinnie Pestano. OPS/Solds league.

    1b/CI- Votto/Kendry, Belt
    2b- Rutledge
    ss/MI- Andrus/Segura, Cozart
    3b- Longoria, Alvarez, Moustakas
    of- BJ, Frazier, Markakis, Gardner, Duda, Young(dl), Johnson
    sp- Moore, Sanchez, Garza(dl), Kendrick, Corbin, Cashner, Hughes, Morrow
    rp- Papelbon, Chapman, Romo

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  5. Al says:

    How much BABIP regression can we really expect from Ike when he finished last season at .246?

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  6. Angelo says:

    If you had to choose two of these three guys in a rotisserie league, who would you choose?

    Teheran, Estrada, or Kazmir.

    I’m thinking of dropping Teheran, since I expect Estrada to bounceback. And the re-emergence of Kazmir intrigues me.

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    • Hunterfan says:

      They’re all kind of gross, with Kaz being the most intriguing if he has regained his form. But it’s kind of too early to tell. If these are your options, though, isn’t streaming the better solution?

      Vote -1 Vote +1

      • David Wiers says:

        I agree with Hunterfan. Is streaming an option, or is there a strict moves made limit?

        If there is, I’d rank Estrada, Kazmir, then Teheran.

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      • Angelo says:

        It’s a pretty deep league. Not many good streaming options. I wouldn’t consider any of them to be gross considering the type of league I’m in. They all have upside.

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  7. Gibbons says:

    After Jenkins’ start, is Moises Sierra a possibility for the Jays to be called up? Had a nice cup of coffee last year and continues to punish AAA pitching, and the PCL thing can’t be held over his head anymore, being in Buffalo.

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  8. Hawk Heckleson says:

    Why do “authors” of Fangraphs invariably refer to themselves in the third-person? And as “the author?” Its really awkward. Why not just “I” or “me”?

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  9. Ruki Motomiya says:

    What do you think of Vernon Wells? Is he worth trying to sell high on and, if so, what kind of player do you think is a decent return for him?

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    • David Wiers says:

      He isn’t doing anything that is really outside of his career. His batted ball data hasn’t changed drastically, nor has K% or BB%. Wells has a big uptick in HR/FB% (as one would expect) but that is the only outlier.

      I don’t think I would actively shop him, but I would let the league know that he is available. If you can work a trade and throw Wells in, that’d be fine.

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  10. Paul says:

    I’m in a FAAB and Ike Davis is available. What would be a reasonable amount to bid on him? 14 Team Mixed League.

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  11. KG says:

    I traded Zobrist and Vernon Wells for Iwakuma. Have Pedroia at second, Asdrubel at SS, and Prado as utility depth at either position. Even if Wells keeps playing well, he’s about to see reduced playing time, and Zobrist was repetitive. I needed another SP, and had one too many bats. Is my line of thinking rational, or was that a bizarre overpay?

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  12. SportsFlash says:

    I am in a 14 Team Mixed H2H League

    1. I’m about to pick up Brandon Beachy off the Waiver Wire. Adam Dunn, Carlos Quentin, Eric Hosmer and Ichiro Suzuki are on my bench. Who should I drop to make room for Beachy?

    2. Dayan Viciedo and Delmon Young also available. Should I bother to pick up either one of them for the remaining benchers?

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  13. squads says:

    Ike Davis’ swing is a train wreck early in the season. K-rate up, 14% IFFB. He is now sitting vs. most lefty starters. He will probably figure out the swing at some point, but will be a huge drag until he does.

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