Roto Riteup: May 22, 2013

Today’s Roto Riteup celebrates the birth of T. Boone Pickens, whose home state of Oklahoma could really use some love right now.

On today’s agenda:
1. Carlos Ruiz can’t avoid the DL
2. Samuel Deduno heads to Minnesota
3. Logan Morrison rehabbing
4. Josh Johnson rehabbing

Carlos Ruiz can’t avoid the DL
I mentioned earlier this week that Ruiz likely be heading to the DL due to a hamstring injury, and now it’s official. Ruiz should miss about a month with the injury, which is being labeled as a Grade 2 strain. Ruiz was able to post an expectedly stellar contact rate in his brief time back in the majors, yet his strikeouts rose and his BABIP dipped, leading to a poor batting average. When healthy, Ruiz is a borderline top-14 catcher, but he’s not worth stashing on your bench or wasting a DL spot on should another player on your roster get hurt.

Erik Kratz will continue to fill in for Ruiz while he’s on the DL, and despite some surprise power in a limited sample, Kratz adds nothing to your fantasy team, nor does Humberto Quintero.

Samuel Deduno heads to Minnesota
One of the best starters in the WBC, Deduno has been called up to fill a void in the Twins’ rotation. Deduno started 15 games for the Twins last season, and despite an ERA below 4.50, the right-hander was a below replacement level starter. Deduno induces grounders, but he walks batters far too often to be an effective big leaguer.

Unfortunately for baseball fans, Deduno being promoted means top prospect Kyle Gibson will remain in the minors. Gibson, 25, has put up good results in his 50-plus innings in Triple-A, but he’s on a strict innings limit this year, and most of us “smart” people seem to believe he needs to use a good chunk of those innings in the majors.

Logan Morrison rehabbing
LoMo is starting his rehab assignment in High-A ball, and he smacked a couple hits in his first game. The Marlins are badly in need of anything resembling MLB talent, and with a career wOBA of .341, Morrison would be the leader of the team’s offense. LoMo has far more value in OBP leagues, and of course, he’s more valuable in the outfield in NL-only leagues.

Josh Johnson rehabbing
Like his former Miami colleague, JJ is rehabbing in High-A ball. Johnson struck out five batters in three innings of work, facing 12 batters. Johnson struggled at the MLB level earlier this year, particularly when it came to his command. However, Johnson’s velocity was just fine, and the Blue Jays desperately need his back in the bigs as they look to right the ship. JJ isn’t a top-12 starter anymore, but he’s damn good, and he’s a solid number two when healthy.

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  1. Sgt Hulka says:

    I’m debating if I should try trading for LoMo. What’s fair value?

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  2. pryguy says:

    What’s Gibson’s ETA at this point?

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  3. BSL says:

    Would you drop Ruiz for Grandal?

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  4. 81 says:

    Not related to anyone here but I had a trade offered to me that I decided to accept and since I’m happy about it, my ego needs validation. 12 team HTH keeper league and I grabbed Shelby Miller for $1 on draft day. I’ve already gotten a heap of surplus value and I already own Wainwright, Cueto, Scherzer, Corbin, Bucholz with Gerritt Cole in the wings (I’m already leading our league in pretty much every pitching category but saves) . When someone offered me Profar straight up for Miller and J. Benoit, I could not overcome by anxiety over Shelby’s secondary and tertiary pitches and I had to accept. Is this a great long term move or the beginning of the end of my pitching dominance? I’ll take the response off the air.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

    • Sky says:

      im in a H2H 12 team redraft and just traded for Shelby because I really like his stuff so I’m thinking and hoping he keeps this up. I was getting impatient with Gio, and with good options at 3rd base i let go of Headley as well. I was able to snag Profar off the waiver wire somehow too so I’m excited to see what they can both do. It seems like your pitching will still be able to take the hit, but I’m one of those people who think Profar wont make enough of an impression in the 2 weeks Kinsler is on the DL. You’re in the Keeper though so maybe it turns out to be the right move. Shelby is looking like a future ace tho, and im still not sure about the type of hitter Profar will turn into in the long run

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      • 81 says:

        Well I deliberately waited as long as I could before accepting the trade but right now he’s looking like a righty Tony Cingrani (whom I grabbed when Cueto went down) in that while they both probably have high ceilings and offer a lot in the way of WHIP and K/9 (both scored in my league) but both lack the arsenal to really keep hitters on their toes sustainably. Getting knocked around (relatively speaking) on his last two starts was what did it for me. We’ll see how the rest of the year plays out, as we’re allowed 4 keepers and if everything went my way I was going to retain Miller, Gerritt Cole, and 2 of Rizzo/Goldschmidt/Eaton but I might have to settle for keeping someone with a much higher price tag (hey if Trout keeps up his pace I might keep him just to spite the game of chicken that resulted in my $63 bid on pick 2)

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  5. colbyamoss says:

    Both Lomo and Adam Eaton are available in my league, which would make the better pick-up?

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  6. ebs38 says:

    Pick up Grandal or Zunino for M. Montero?

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