Roto Riteup: May 30, 2013

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On today’s agenda:
1. Dustin Pedroia is dominating despite a UCL tear in thumb
2. A.J. Pierzynski’s hot return
3. Jackie Bradley Jr. is back
4. Michael Young lands on Bereavement List

Dustin Pedroia is dominating despite a UCL tear in thumb
Yes, America, you read that right. The scrappy second baseman has a completely torn UCL and is still hitting .332 with three homers and eight steals, delighting fantasy owners across the land. It is believed Pedroia tore his UCL during the first game of the year, so it’s not like the injury has changed his performance at all throughout the season. Pedroia’s power is down a tad, and his batting average is buoyed by a nice BABIP, but simply playing through this injury is impressive enough for this author. Pedroia’s ranking has to go down a spot or two simply because of the risk involved, but there’s currently no reason for owners to be overly concerned.

A.J. Pierzynski’s hot return
Before heading to the Disabled List, Pierzynski was hitting a sad .263, but he’s been hitting a salty .333 in the first six games since his return. While the sample size is extremely limited, Pierzynski’s pre-DL line was lowered by a massive slump due to his injury, so A.J. may now be truly hitting to his potential. Pierzynski’s 2013 has been somewhat of a repeat from 2012, in which he is hitting for more power at expense of his batting average. Hitting in a potent Texas lineup makes Pierzynski a top-15 and possibly top-12 catcher in standard leagues.

Jackie Bradley Jr. is back
While JBJ may be back in the big leagues,he’s not going to be playing a whole lot. With Shane Victorino needing a quick DL stint, JBJ is only in the majors to serve as a backup outfielder, with Mike Carp and Daniel Nava receiving a majority of ABs at the corners. Bradley Jr. struggled when he opened the season with the Red Sox, but he’s looked like his old self upon his return to the minors. Despite the hype he received during Spring Training, Bradley doesn’t really profile as a future fantasy option in mixed leagues.

Michael Young lands on Bereavement List
Young will miss the Phillies’ next few games following the loss of a loved one, leaving the Phillies to fill his spot with Freddy Galvis and the newly recalled Cesar Hernandez. Young has had his ups and downs while in Philly, and he’s been on a little bit of a cold streak lately. Just make sure to adjust your daily lineups accordingly while Young is on the DL, and note that neither of his replacements are anything worth looking at.

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10 Responses to “Roto Riteup: May 30, 2013”

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  1. pudieron89 says:

    Thank you for bringing baseball to the child pornographers and misogynists of the internet. A true humanitarian mission.

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  2. KMen says:

    Random question. I’m wondering what you think about Sabathia rest of season. There was an article written here at the beginning of May on velocity surgers and losers from last April to this, and CC was identified as a “scary” pitcher to own due to his loss of velocity and decrease in K% and SwStr%. However, he has now brought his SwStr% back up to last year’s levels, and his May xFIP was below 3.50. He’s getting killed by a high BABIP and a very high HR/FB%. Normally that would make someone a buy low candidate, but on the other hand his velocity is still down and it’s not coming back…

    I’m asking because I’m a Dickey owner and was offered Sabathia for Dickey straight up. Based on the above, I’m inclined to accept, but my hesitation is that there are no numbers that can really be analyzed with Dickey, and I feel that any minute he can just suddenly return to last year’s form and be a much better pitcher than Sabathia. But Sabathia won’t get his velocity back.


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    • MightyJimcat says:

      That’s tough one, but I’d go with Sabathia. The SwStr% is why I still believe. The only thing that’s changed is he’s not getting batters to chase out of the zone quite so much, but he’s a smart pitcher and clearly he’s still fooling guys at a decent rate. I just traded Matt Carpenter (yes, that Matt Carpenter) for CC in a rather competitive league, so that shows how much his stock has fallen. If he’s offering Sabathia to you then he’s selling low. In my experience sell-low managers are often so upset with their player they’re ripe to be swindled. Maybe think about countering and seeing if you could get a little more out of him?

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      • KMen says:

        Will do, thanks!

        Actually, I should add, this guy also owns Greinke and David Price. They’ve also both seen significant drops in velocity this year, and corresponding decline of numbers. Plus they’ve had health problems. Do you see either of them as a better option than Sabathia or do they all fall into the same category?

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  3. dirck says:

    When you say that Jackie Bradley isn’t a future fantasy option I assume that you mean this year . Next year ,with Ellsbury most likely gone ,Bradley should be the centerfielder and leadoff hitter .He seems likely to be Ellsbury’s equal or better in everything but stolen bases ,which for those of us who play in points leagues ,aren’t very important anyway .

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  4. Coop! says:

    Should we be careful with using JBJ as a reference to Jackie Bradley, Jr.? Too close to JBJB or are my racial epithats too old?

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