Roto Riteup — Presented By DraftKings: August 17, 2014

Happy national thrift shop day! No, you don’t have to listen to Macklemore (warning: language) and even if you don’t plan on buying anything, you should at least donate some things to your local Goodwill type places. I myself have found things from video games to records to amazing sweaters all at thrift shops.

On today’s agenda:
1. Seth Smith keeps hitting
2. Homer Bailey to the disabled list
3. Welcome back, Michael Cuddyer
4. The daily five

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Seth Smiths keeps hitting
On the heels of yesterday’s 3-for-5 day, Smith is hitting an impressive .297/.394/.510 in 397 plate appearances this season. His .333 BABIP is the highest mark he’s ever posted so a bit of regression is probably looming, however it isn’t all luck dragons driving his line. Smith’s 13.1% walk rate and 16.1% strikeout rate are both career bests, as is his 7.4% whiff rate. Factor in another career high contact rate of 80.9% plus the lowest O-swing% since 2009 and we have a player who is making contact more when he swings while being more particular about what he swings at. Despite the strong rate stats, Smith is available in 62% of CBS formats and over 80% of both Yahoo! and ESPN leagues.

Homer Bailey to the disabled list
The Cincinnati Reds placed Bailey on the 15-day DL with a strained flexor mass tendon in his throwing arm. No word on the timetable on his potential return and in the meantime the club called up Dylan Axelrod to take his spot in the rotation. I’d stash Bailey on the DL until we hear more about his recovery options and plan, however if he does miss an extended amount of time, no shame in dropping him. If you do drop Bailey and find yourself scrambling for starting pitching, I will defer to the brilliant and handsome Brandon Warne and his running “Stream, Stream, Stream” column.

Welcome back, Michael Cuddyer
While his 2014 season has lasted all of 131 PAs, Cuddyer could find himself extremely important now that he is back from the disabled list. Yesterday the Colorado Rockies activated him from the 60-day DL following 10 weeks on the shelf after he fractured his left shoulder. Cuddyer has some pop and he offers a strong average, especially at home. From 2011-13 Cuddyer’s three-year average at Coors Field (though only two were spent as a member of the Rockies) is an excellent .315/.381/.551 in 419 at-bats. Both ZiPS and Steamer project him to hit within spitting distance of .300 with an on-base percentage of .350 or better the rest of the way. With the ability to plant a few dingers on top of the great rate stats, Cuddyer should be owned in all but the very shallowest of leagues. One can currently pick him up in over 30% of Yahoo! and CBS formats as well as 45% of ESPN leagues.

The daily five
Starting pitcher: Tim Lincecum — $7,100
Timmy is facing the Philadelphia Phillies today. The Phillies are the fourth worst offense in baseball according to wRC+ when facing a right-handed pitcher. As a team they almost strikeout three times for each walk against a righty pitcher, so the sometimes wild Lincecum should be just fine today.

Starting pitcher: Danny Salazar — $7,000
As mentioned in yesterday’s Roto Riteup, Salazar will start against the Baltimore Orioles today. The 24-year-old right-hander will be up against a pretty solid offense, 99 wRC+ against righties, however the O’s 20.6% strikeout rate mixed with their 28th ranked 6.3% walk rate favors Salazar.

Infielder: Adam Lind — $3,100
The Toronto Blue Jays and Lind will be facing the righty Scott Carroll in Chicago. Lind has power and crushes righties, hitting for a 173 wRC+ against them this year.

Outfielder: Mike Trout — $5,700
Uncreative pick aside, Trout will be facing Nick Tepesch today, who if qualified, would place in the top-10 for highest HR/9 at 1.24.

Other hitter: Kole Calhoun — $4,500
In general, the Los Angeles Angels blast rigties. In particular, Calhoun really blasts rigthies.

Remaining budget: $22,600

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  1. DanBC says:

    Sorry, Salazar is homer prone, and Baltimore plays with Beeg Steeks. Salazar gets a sore neck today.
    -former DS owner

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  2. Mike Wimmer says:

    How much are you buying Drew Smyly? Since he was traded to the Rays, he has been really good and is looking like the pitcher that lots of people thought he would be entering this year. I know it’s a small sample size, but he does have a better defense and bullpen behind him now in Tampa even if the offense is a downgrade from the Tigers. Is he someone I should look to scoop up while I still can or does his struggles against right handed hitters still keep him in the streaming category? Smyly would be replacing Bartolo Colon on my roster who has been pretty good, but can be up and down in terms of consistency.

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    • David Wiers says:

      He’s still getting touched by opposite-handed hitters so I’m a bit worried in the long run. That being said, I would be okay rostering him and starting him at home or on the road in favorable parks.

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  3. Schide says:

    Seth Smith or Cuddyer in a league with OBP and SLG in place of AVG? Jut picked up Cuddyer coming off the DL but Smith is still available. They’d both basically be bench players unless yet another OF gets injured.

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