Roto Riteup — Presented by DraftKings: August 6, 2014

The middle of the week is the time when Roto Riteup readers prove they’re men and others turn into watered down pansies.

On today’s agenda:
1. Andrew McCutchen out for awhile
2. Michael Cuddyer to begin rehab
3. Shane Victorino has back surgery
4. David Price in a Tigers’ Uni
5. The Forgiving Five

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Andrew McCutchen out for awhile
The star center fielder has been diagnosed with a fractured rib, and it’s entirely possible the injury was caused by Kirk Gibson’s assault on the right-hander through Randall Delgado’s arm. McCutchen was initially diagnosed with an oblique injury and was originally scheduled to miss about a month’s time, but no new timetable has been released to reflect the new diagnosis. On a basement dweller McCutchen could easily be out for the entire year, but with just a few games separating the Pirates and playoffs, don’t be surprised if the Buccos try to get their stud back as soon as possible.

Michael Cuddyer to begin rehab
Cuddyer is set to start rehabbing in short season A ball today, and the Rockies actually plan on a rather long assignment. Cuddy is down in A-ball for about a week, and then he will move on to Double-A before presumably coming back to Colorado. Cuddyer has been out for two months with a shoulder injury, and he hopes to be back in the bigs by the middle of the month. The 35-year-old was having another stellar season in Coors before his injury, and he could be a huge addition for fantasy owners over the final 5-6 weeks of the season. If Cuddyer’s available, grab him now and use your DL spot.

Shane Victorino has back surgery
Victorino’s season is officially over after just 30 games. Victorino had a bulging disk in his back that had to be repaired surgically, and he’ll now be on the shelf for three or four months before resuming normal activities. Victorino should be back for 2015, but the Red Sox outfield is already slightly crowded, and his recent injury history won’t help him cement time in the lineup. Victorino may be a solid late-round sleeper next year, but anything above that is overpriced.

David Price in a Tigers’ Uni
Price may have given up two homers in his Detroit debut, but he lasted over eight innings and struck out 10 Yankees along the way. Price walked away without a decision and the game lasted into extras, but all-in-all it was a good way to start his career in the Motor City.

The Forgiving Five

SP: Chris Young | $7,200 | vATL
SP: Tom Koehler | $6,500 | @PIT
1B: Anthony Rizzo | $5,300 | @COL (Jordan Lyles)
2B: Ian Kinsler | $4,600 | @NYY (Chris Capuano)
OF: Alejandro De Aza | $3,800 | vTEX (Nick Tepesch)

I can’t tell you how much I like Koehler today because this is not an X-rated column, despite my protests.

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8 Responses to “Roto Riteup — Presented by DraftKings: August 6, 2014”

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  1. Mike Wimmer says:

    Would you rather stash Cuddyer or Wil Myers on your DL? Both seem to have about the same timetable and both are coming off injuries that could slow their power potential the rest of the way.

    Also, do you feel safe starting Jake Arrieta at Coors? I normally have a pretty strict “no Coors” policy when it comes to pitchers, but he has been so good so far and the Rockies offense hasnt been overly great without Tulo and with Cargo being injured and struggling they dont seem like an overly intimidating threat, even in thin air.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

    • Matthew says:

      Myers may have the higher ceiling, but who knows when/how he will bounce back.

      Arrieta is a toss up tonight, but he looks to be the real deal

      Vote -1 Vote +1

  2. Mike Wimmer says:

    Also, between Josh Reddick, Charlie Blackmon and JD Martinez who do you like the most the RoS?

    Vote -1 Vote +1

    • Emcee Peepants says:

      I know you’re asking the pros and not the schlubs, but for me Reddick and Martinez are just about equal, with the slight edge to Reddick since he has been hot more recently and has a better track record. Both of them are >>> Blackmon, who has a 0.085 ISO since June 13th to go along with a .313 wOBA and 82 wRC+. I think it’s safe to say his breakout was an illusion.

      Vote -1 Vote +1

  3. Alex says:

    Wait, why do you like Koehler so much? Maybe I’m missing something.

    The way I’m looking at it, his SIERA and xFIP are well north of 4, the Pirates (although now without McCutchen) are better at home and have hit righties reasonably well this year.

    I was surprised to see Chris Young down there too…maybe I don’t understand the concept of these picks at the bottom of your page? Forgive me, I’m new.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

    • Doug Mac says:

      I prefer Koehler at home myself. Pirates are watered down though. I wouldn’t touch this game. But my crazy self like Arietta out in Coors. He is really the only B+ starter going unless you consider Fister B+ which many seem to but not me.

      Vote -1 Vote +1

      • Alex says:

        True. Walker is out for tonight as well. Pirates without both McCutchen and Walker might be worth a start…

        Personally, I’d rather take the better pitcher, even if the air is thin. Arietta seems like a stronger bet for tonight.

        Vote -1 Vote +1

  4. diamondhoggers says:

    One thing I like about Koehler is that PNC is not a good run scoring environment. I like Salazar tonight about as much, maybe more; but Koehler would be right there with him.

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