Roto Riteup — Presented by DraftKings: July 14, 2014

Yesterday was the Futures Game at Target Field, and even though it wasn’t offered on or ESPN, it offered a glimpse of tomorrow’s potential superstars. Much like the Futures Game, the Roto Riteup offers a glimpse of superstar talent who haven’t put it all together yet.

On today’s agenda:
1. Joey Gallo leaves his mark
2. Derek Holland out until late-August
3. James Paxton to rehab Thursday
4. Robbie Ray to start Saturday

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Joey Gallo leaves his mark
Gallo is a power-hitting machine crushing ding-dongs in the Rangers’ system, and boy did he put on a show yesterday. Gallo hit a big ole’ homer against the Astros’ Michael Feliz and wound up as the game’s MVP, but that wasn’t the largest impact; not by a long-shot.

Predictably, Gallo put on a show during batting practice, driving one out of the ballpark completely and bashing a truck’s windshield. Seriously. Gallo is still a ways away from the bigs, but if he can manage to strike out less than 30% of the time, he’ll easily hit 30-plus bombs a year.

Derek Holland out until late-August
Originally, there was some hope that Derek Holland would return to the Rangers around the trade deadline for a late-season boost, but now he’s sitting until the end of August or even the beginning of September. With Texas out of the race, the team can afford to be careful with Holland, even though he believes it’s time to ramp things up and get back to the bigs. Holland could be one hell of an asset over the last month for teams in head-to-head playoffs.

James Paxton to rehab Thursday
Paxton’s rehab assignment has finally been announced: the large left-hander will start Thursday in Everett facing off against low-A competition. Paxton should take a few starts to get back up to speed after missing pretty much the entire season with a shoulder injury, but he’ll slot right back into the Mariners rotation once he’s ready to go, and he should slot into your rotation just the same.

Robbie Ray to start Saturday
Ray didn’t do so well in three other starts at the big league level, and he hasn’t done anything special in Triple-A, but he’s back this weekend to start for the Tigers. Ray isn’t taking anyone’s spot in the rotation, he’s just filling in for a doubleheader, so he’s a poor streaming option at best.

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Daily points league so I can play matchups. Better use of final roster spot. Seth Smith, Kendrys Morales, Swish or Coghlan? Any reason to believe Coghlan month long tear will continue? Thanks.

Mike Wimmer
Mike Wimmer

I would lean Morales, I’m not really buying Coghlan yet, he has been a bust for too many years since his ROY to be trusted after a short sample size. I know Morales hasnt hit for much power yet, but I think the power will still come as he gets his timing back. The Twins really didnt handle him right by thrusting him into the lineup with no lead up.

Smith is the other guy, but he is a strict platoon guy and I just hate owning hitters that rely on power numbers to attain their value in that ballpark.