Roto Riteup — Presented by DraftKings: July 30, 2014

Tuesday felt like Monday, but Wednesday feels like Wednesday at the Roto Riteup.

On today’s agenda:
1. Jon Lester scratched; trade on the way
2. Marcus Stroman shines again
3. Jay Bruce to return Friday
4. Jake Marisnick sent down
5. The Flowing Five

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Jon Lester scratched; trade on the way
Lester was supposed to take the mound for the Red Sox today, but he’s already been scratched as the Red Sox get deep into trade talks. Lester has not yet been traded, but he’s likely on his way out the door, so there’s no reason to let the lefty go out there and hurt himself. The Dodgers, Pirates, Blue Jays, Mariners, Cardinals, and Orioles are all potential landing teams for Lester, but the biggest suitors are likely the Dodgers, Cardinals, and Pirates.

Marcus Stroman shines again
Stroman delivered his third straight masterful start yesterday, striking out eight over seven innings, giving up just one earned run against the Red Sox. Stroman previously shut out Boston on July 24, and he shut out the Texas Rangers on July 19. Boston and Texas aren’t world beaters offensively, but Stroman also shut out the A’s in Oakland on AMERICA DAY (July 4). The diminutive right-hander now has a 3.03 ERA and 2.97 FIP on the season.

Jay Bruce to return Friday
Bruce is currently out of action due to the death of his grandfather, but the Reds say he’ll be back in the lineup on Friday, the day after the trade deadline. Bruce is hitting a mere .215/.300/.379 this year, and after averaging 3.5 WAR a year from 2010 to 2013, the left-hander has been a replacement level player this year. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be enjoying buying low on Bruce next year, so I sort of hope that he doesn’t completely put it together over the last third of the season.

Jake Marisnick sent down
The Miami Marlins have sent Marisnick down to the minors after only one game this time around. Marisnick has only gotten 51 MLB plate appearances this season, but his .170 wOBA is downright ugly, and his .216 wOBA from last season is bad times. Marisnick could still figure things out offensively, but I wouldn’t bet on him ever being a fantasy temptation.

The Flippant Five

SP: Brett Anderson | $6,400 | @CHC
SP: Joe Kelly | $6,600 | @SD
1B: Victor Martinez | $4,500 | vCHW (Hector Noesi)
OF: Josh Hamilton | $4,400 | @BAL (Kevin Gausman)
OF: Jacoby Ellsbury | $4,900 | @TEX (Colby Lewis)

Anderson and Kelly both have the opportunity to turn in dazzling performances at low prices, leaving you room to play with elsewhere.

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  1. diamondhoggers says:

    There are so many big arms tonight that if you roll with these two, you’re going to be behind the eight ball from the beginning. C’mon.

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  2. SB12 says:

    For what it’s worth, not taking anything away from Stroman, but the Red Sox lineup he mowed down was a group that already hasn’t been hitting (bottom 5 of the order all hitting <.250, including Carp and Drew both <.200) and has become more and more unmotivated over the last few weeks. Moving forward, I could definitely see them becoming a solid matchup to watch for starting pitchers.

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