Roto Riteup — Presented by DraftKings: June 5, 2014

After a couple days of wife-swapping, the Roto Riteup is back on its normal rotation, making you feel safe and secure in its stability.

On today’s agenda:
1. Carlos Gonzalez to the DL
2. It’s Corey Dickerson time
3. Aramis Ramirez activated
4. Fun with arbitrary endpoints
5. The Faux Five

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Carlos Gonzalez to the DL
After dealing with a finger injury for a couple weeks, Gonzalez finally succumbed and was placed on the 15-day DL by the Rockies. Even though he had struggled a little bit this year, his injury could have been a factor, and CarGo was still likely a top-20 outfielder going forward thanks to his long track record of success, teammates around him, and cushy ballpark. There’s no word yet on how long CarGo will need to have off, but hopefully it’s just the minimum.

It’s Corey Dickerson time
Replacing CarGo is Dickerson, who has flashed some top-notch skill in his brief time in the big leagues both this year and last. After cracking five dingers in over 200 plate appearances last year, the outfielder has smacked seven in less than 100 plate appearances this year. With over 300 big league plate appearances under his belt, Dickerson’s 27.4% LD% is truly impressive, and combining it with his moderate speed can help support a BABIP of .330. Dickerson was already batting in the two-hole yesterday for the Rockies, and while he hasn’t shown it this year, you’d be best to consider platooning him in your fantasy lineup. Dickerson is worth an addition in all formats.

Aramis Ramirez activated
Ramirez was active for last night’s game in Minnesota, playing DH after sitting out with a hamstring problem. Ramirez has been an extremely steady offensive force since 2004, and while 2014 has been a down year, there’s plenty of reason to hope he’ll right the ship in the last two-thirds of the season, namely that ARam’s BABIP is nearly 40 points below his career average.

Fun with arbitrary endpoints
Unless otherwise noted, all stats are through Tuesday.

Aaron Harang, first 5 starts: 31.2 IP, 33 K, 13 BB, 0 HR ||| 0.85 ERA
Aaron Harang, last 5 starts: 30 IP, 30 K, 8 BB, 1 HR ||| 3.60 ERA

Pablo Sandoval, first 31 games: 126 PA, .167/.246/.272, 28 K
Pablo Sandoval, next 26 games: 102 PA, .344/.363/.604, 11 K

The Faux Five

SP: Jake Odorizzi | $7,100 | vMIA
SP: Doug Fister | $7,500 | vPHI
1B: James Loney | $3,200 | vMIA – Jacob Turner
2B: Aaron Hill | $4,300 | @COL – Juan Nicasio
OF: Matt Joyce | $3,500 | vMIA – Jacob Turner

Even though they’re good, I’m picking on the Marlins a bit here, because I think the matchups are favorable. Fister has been pretty good since his return, so ride him when he gets the Phillies outside of their comforts of home.

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