Roto Riteup — Presented By DraftKings: May 10, 2014

Today is the 20th anniversary of Weezer’s “Blue Album.” For me, Buddy Holly still ranks among my favorite music videos.

On today’s agenda:
1. Doug Fister‘s rough return
2. A better return for Scott Feldman
3. Drew Pomeranz up, Dan Straily down
4. The Daily Five

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Doug Fister’s rough return
In what was his Washington Nationals debut, Fister was torched for seven runs (five earned) and served up three home runs in 4.1 innings. He didn’t allow a walk but generated just four swinging strikes in 79 pitches. Fister’s velocity was solid as his fastball averaged 90 mph on the day. He is still someone I feel comfortable playing in almost every park and match up despite the tough first outing. It’s worth a shot emailing whoever owns Fister in your league as they may be frustrated with his injuries and his poor start. If his owner is willing to sell, make sure you’re ready to buy low on Fister.

A better return for Scott Feldman
Like Fister, Feldman was also activated from the disabled list yesterday, but he had a much different type of start. The Houston Astros hurler lasted six innings and struck out six while allowing two runs, both on solo shot homers. Feldman didn’t allow a walk and generated eight swings-and-misses on 88 pitches. Even with yesterday’s quality start, Feldman raised his seasonal ERA up to 1.69. As shiny and beautiful as that ERA is, his 4.25 FIP/4.43 xFIP paint a slightly different picture. Much of Feldman’s success can be attributed to his .196 BABIP and his subsequent 83.9% LOB%.  He has fanned just 15 batters in 32.2 innings, equaling a 4.13 K/9. Feldman was never known as a strikeout machine, but that K-rate is low even for him. His ERA is sure to rise but his strikeout rate might not. You may be able to squeeze some value out of Feldman in the right match up, but in 12-team mixed leagues I’d leave him to the waiver wire. You could roster him in deeper leagues, but even then he’s a spot starter at best.

Drew Pomeranz up, Dan Straily down
The Oakland Athletics have shaken up their starting rotation, this time of their own doing and not due to injury. Yesterday the club sent Straily to Triple-A while Pomeranz, previously in the bullpen, will be moved to the rotation. Citing a lack of fastball command and a decreased velocity, manager Bob Melvin told reporters Straily will work on getting ahead of batters and spotting his fastball.

Pomeranz sports just 18.2 innings — with only five of said innings as a starter — this year to try and evaluate him, but the early signs are positive. His control and command, something Pomeranz has struggled with, has not been an issue yet as he has allowed just 2.89 BB/9. On the other hand his 48.7 F-Strike% is low, as is his .220 BABIP. I think it is a fair thing to say his 98.8% LOB% won’t stick for much longer either. I do like Pomeranz at home to keep the fly balls in the yard and he’s shown he can miss his share of bats. In standard leagues Pomeranz is still just RP eligible, but that just means he’ll be able to be plugged in there even on days he starts.

He is available in over 85% of the major three fantasy site leagues, but I’d wait to grab Pomeranz in standard 12-team mixed leagues. In AL-only formats or 14-team leagues I’d consider picking him up. The biggest thing holding me back is his lack of a third pitch. Pomeranz is basically a fastball/curveball guy, something opposite-handed hitters may take advantage of now that he can’t be used in a match-up role like out of the bullpen. If Pomeranz can utilize his changeup more often now that he is a starter, something Melvin mentioned several days ago, then I’d pick him up.

The Daily Five
Starting Pitcher: Sonny Gray — $10,800
Gray looks to get his strikeout rate back on track against the Nationals and their 22.3% (19th in baseball) strikeout rate against right-handed pitchers.

Starting Pitcher: Jeff Samardzija — $9,400
The Shark goes against the Atlanta Braves and their love of the strikeout against righties, 23.2% (25th in the majors) on the year.

Infielder: John Jaso — $3,000
The Oakland A’s favoritism continues! After spending so much on pitchers, I need to tone down the spending a bit. Jaso will have the platoon advantage against Tanner Roark.

Outfielder: Alex Gordon — $3,800
Gordon is a good left-handed hitter and Chris Young isn’t a very good right-handed pitcher. This price seems like a steal.

Other Hitter: Nick Markakis — $3,700
Another budget platoon pick here, Markakis faces off against Collin McHugh.

Remaining budget: $19,300

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  1. Mike W says:

    I have been offered Wilin Rosario in a trade, the other guy is looking for SS help. I currently own Salvador Perez as my catcher, but is Rosario a good buy low guy right now? I have Alexi Rameriz as my main SS with Evereth Cabrera and Jed Lowrie as my MI depth. Is this a good trade on my end to deal one of these guys for Rosario? As bad as Cabrera has been, im reluctant to trade him in case he starts getting on base more and racks up the steals again. Lowrie is rather bland, but solid and gives me second base depth in case Chase Utley breaks down.

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    • David Wiers says:

      Sorry for the late reply!

      I’d stick with what you have, and I like Rosario. With Utley and Lowrie both health risks, I wouldn’t be too eager to deal your MI depth.

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  2. Bill says:

    I think Rosario is a good buy-low, but it mostly depends on what is valued by your league’s scoring system, I’m in a 10-team 5×5, so Rosario’s higher HR probability is the big draw over Perez (who also is a poor bet to give you many runs). I have owned both all year, and finally gave up on Perez in favor of Montero (who I hope to convert into Mesoraco via waiver). If you do pick up Rosario, note that he typically sits when De La Rosa pitches.

    I’d be inclined to drop Lowrie, mostly b/c no speed but also b/c he seems to be trending toward the lower end of his projected performance for the year. He is solid, though. Is he significantly better than any 2b replacement you would be likely to get via waiver if/when Utley goes down?

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  3. Mike W says:

    I would hang onto Perez and try to flip one of them for a pitcher when one of them got hot. Second base isnt terribly deep in my league, but someone like Seimien is still available so its not a bottomless pit either.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  4. Dan Gladden says:

    Is Neil Walker an upgrade over Aaron Hill?

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