Roto Riteup — Presented By DraftKings: May 2, 2014

The video game “Day of Defeat” was released 11 years and one day ago. At least that is when the commercial version of the game was officially released. I fondly remember playing DoD 3.1 Beta prior to the full release as a youngster. Back in the days before Steam, fellow nerds like myself had to use WON ID’s and deal that old ugly UI. Good times.

On today’s agenda:
1. Anthony Gose is back in the majors
2. Omar Infante‘s quiet production
3. Yep, that Juan Uribe
4. The Daily Five

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Anthony Gose is back in the majors
The Toronto Blue Jays called up Gose to help carry some of the outfield weight. With Melky Cabrera a bit banged up and Colby Rasmus scuffling with a .196/.250/.412 line, perhaps the speedy Gose can get some playing time. Don’t expect much power from Gose, but his speed isn’t something to overlook in deeper leagues. For standard 12-team mixed leagues, without regular playing time guaranteed, it is hard to recommend him unless you’re really hurting for steals. Gose is available in just about every league on the CBS, Yahoo! and ESPN sites.

Omar Infante’s quiet production
Following yesterday’s 2-for-4 performance, Infante is now hitting a cool .289/.352/.412 with two home runs and 19 RBIs. He has as many walks as strikeouts and given his number two spot in the lineup, expect Infante’s 12 runs scored to shoot up — especially if he keeps drawing walks like this. I wouldn’t count on seeing his name among the top 15 RBI leaders for much longer, but the runs scored and batting average should be more than enough to make Infante valuable. He isn’t a flashy player or great at any one thing, but he is useful in standard 5×5 leagues thanks to his career near .280 average and position near the top of the lineup. If you’re in the market for a useful 2B/MI player or a second UTIL to help out your batting average, Infante is a decent pick. He is available in alomst 60% of CBS leagues, 70% of ESPN formats, and 75% of Yahoo! leagues.

Yep, that Juan Uribe
After recording five hits during yesterday’s double header, Uribe owns an impressive .327/.353/.513 line with four home runs. He currently leads the league with seven three-hit games. On the other side of things is prior to yesterday’s three walks, he was third to last in baseball (minimum 80 PA’s) with two walks. As one would suspect, Uribe’s .384 BABIP has been a key in his success thus far though it may be more than the luck dragons. Last season Uribe managed all of 15 opposite field hits and this season he’s already recorded eight hits the other way. A new approach with a focus on going the other way may be paying dividends for Uribe. If he remains disciplined with his new hitting he may force the issue and be owned in almost every league. For now Uribe is still free to grab in over 50% of both ESPN and CBS formats as well as almost 70% of Yahoo! leagues.

The Daily Five
Starting Pitcher: Felix Hernandez — $12,500
Is it pricey? Yes. Could it be worth the price as Felix takes on the Houston Astros? Oh yes.

Starting Pitcher: Bronson Arroyo — $6,600
No, I haven’t lost my mind just yet, at least I don’ think I have. The long ball shouldn’t be much of a factor for Arroyo in Petco and the Padres are near the top of the league in strikeout percentage. Hopefully Arroyo can eke out a win and get a handful of strikeouts along the way.

Infielder: Jonathan Lucroy — $3,700
Currently hitting .293/.358/.424 and will be playing in hitter friendly Great American Ball Park.

Outfielder: Alex Rios — $4,000
Rios and the Texas Rangers face off against Hector Santiago and his career 4.50 FIP/4.60 xFIP. In seasons where Santiago has made at least one start, he’s never finished a season while allowing less than a 4.00 BB/9 mark.

Other Hitter: Adrian Beltre — $4,300
I’m doubling down with another Rangers right-handed hitter.

Remaining Budget: $18,900

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  1. Feeding the Abscess says:

    Petco hasn’t been nearly as difficult on left-handed hitters since the fences were moved in. Went from one of the most extreme pitcher’s parks in all of baseball – major and minor – to being around MLB average. I don’t know what FG’s park factors are based on, but the page tabs Petco as one of the best parks in baseball last year for left-handed HR, after consistently being the worst.

    Padres offense still stinks, though.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  2. pudieron89 says:

    it’s eke not eek

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  3. Ryan says:

    Start Salazar tonight against the White Sox? Very squeamish to do so against that offense.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  4. Andrew says:

    Need to replace Kipnis in a standard 5×5 with limited moves: Walker, Kendrick, Gyorko or Miller?

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  5. Ed says:

    12 team 5×5 roto…drop M Pineda for either Hutchingson, Beckett, Lincecum? Or stash and wait a month or more?

    Vote -1 Vote +1

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