Roto Riteup — Presented By DraftKings: May 24, 2014

Twenty-five years ago today “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” was released in theaters. It is by a significant margin my favorite Indiana Jones film. The trailer alone makes me want to re-watch it.

On today’s agenda:
1. Appreciation of Adam Eaton
2. A home run display in Miami
3. Stephen Drew in Single-A
4. The Daily Five

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Appreciation of Adam Eaton
Okay, so my man-crush on Eaton is quite clear by now, but the man continues to do things to contribute to my fantasy team. Yesterday Eaton went 3-for-5 with his third steal of the year. Though he has an equal amount of steals and times being caught, with his hamstring issues (hopefully) behind him, we’ll see his wheels on the bases now. If the Chicago White Sox give him the green light, I’d be disappointed if he didn’t top 20 steals. Eaton will ease up running out grounders like a madman and then perhaps his energy can be utilized to grab some steals. He is currently hitting a nifty.280/.350/.368 but has just eight extra-base hits in 140 plate appearances. Regardless of his low slugging percentage, Eaton still brings value with his runs, average and steals. He should contribute enough in those three categories to be a relevant fantasy players. Eaton is currently available in just 15% of CBS formats but is free to grab in 35% of ESPN leagues and 45% of Yahoo! leagues.

A home run display in Miami
Perhaps the phrase “home run display in Miami” simply brings a smile to my face (probably because this thing still exists). Even if that statue wasn’t a thing, yesterday’s game between the visiting Milwaukee Brewers and the Marlins featured seven home runs between the two teams. Unsurprisingly, Giancarlo Stanton was responsible for two long balls but both Mark Reynolds and Garrett Jones launched a pair of homers each.

Jones is currently enjoying a .354 BABIP — a mark 60 points higher than his career average — but to write off his success as merely fortunate batted ball luck would be an injustice. His 10.0% walk rate would be his best single season mark since 2011 and second best of his career. His strikeout rate is up a few ticks however his SwStr% is actually down compared to his past three seasons. Jones isn’t flailing at any and all offerings either, as his overall swing rate — particularly his O-Swing% — are the lowest he’s posted in years. Even if Jones trades some strikeouts for walks he can still be a valuable player in 14-team leagues or a platoon player in 12-team leagues with deep rosters. Hitting a couple spots behind Stanton will help Jones’ RBI count and he can still put a charge in the ball. Jones is eligible at both first base and right field to give you some lineup flexibility if one does roster him as a bench/platoon bat. He is owned in 56% of CBS leagues but less than 40% of both Yahoo! and ESPN leagues.

If you’re really hurting for power, perhaps you just lost Prince Fielder for the season, then Reynolds does offer power. That is about all he offers beyond the extra RBIs that occasionally come with his home runs, but his average is an iceberg that could sink your fantasy team. With 11 homers, 24 RBIs and a .210 batting average, Reynolds continues to do Reynolds things. Strikeouts and power accurately sum up Reynolds’ game…would it be a stretch to call it a Reynolds Wrap? He offers value if your team can stomach poor rate stats, but even so, I’d much prefer owning Jones over Reynolds. Though Reynolds is available to plug in at third base, the hot corner is deep enough in my opinion to not be forced to play Reynolds there. His 30% ownership rate in CBS formats is his highest among the three major sites. I’d pass on Reynolds, though I admit the power is tempting, don’t be the guy who chose poorly.

Stephen Drew to Single-A
Drew is slated to begin his second stint within the Boston Red Sox by reporting the Single-A to begin adjusting to live pitching again. The Red Sox twitter account made it known manager John Farrell expects Drew to spend a minimum of 10 days and at least 25 at-bats in various minor league stops. I don’t love Drew as a fantasy player, but I’ll always fondly remember him as a part of the 2012 Oakland A’s team that somehow won the AL West.

The Daily Five
Starting pitcher: David Price — $11,200
Price takes on the Red Sox and their league leading 11.1% walk rate against left-handed pitchers, but Price has surrendered just six walks in 69.1 innings this year. The Sox strikeout against southpaws at the eighth most frequency at 22.6%

Starting pitcher: Josh Collmenter — $6,300
I’m sorry New York Mets fans, I really am. I don’t mean to pick on your team, it’s just the Mets don’t hit right-handed pitchers very well.

Infielder: Mark Teixeira — $4,800
Tex isn’t hitting lefties as well as he has in the past, but the season is still just two months old. He’ll get his chance against John Danks and his 87 mile-per-hour fastball. I like Tex to have a big day today.

Outfielder: Domonic Brown — $3,800
Sure he’s fallen flat on his face out of the gate this year, but Brown will be at home in the hitter friendly confines of Citizen Bank Park. That he is facing home run prone Dan Haren works in his favor even more.

Other hitter: Matt Joyce — $3,700
I think I’ve chosen Joyce a dozen times already this season, but he matches up so well against right-handed pitchers.

Remaining budget: $20,200

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  1. FeslenR says:

    Even in a 10-team league, Garrett Jones is probably worth owning.

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  2. Mike Wimmer says:

    I’m starting to become a bit concerned about Anthony Rendon and his struggles the past 3 weeks or so. He is my only 2B on my team, but looking at the waiver wire Kolten Wong is still available after being called back up. Should I run and pick him up? I dont have a roster spot that is obviously open, but would drop Melancon since he appears to be back behind Grilli and I have Chapman, K-Rod and Doolittle as my RP’s. Any advice on what I should do?

    Vote -1 Vote +1

    • David Wiers says:

      I’d let Melancon go, even though I love his rates, you’re fine with your other bullpen guys. I’d grab Wong as insurance for Rendon.

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  3. Rich Funk says:

    Is anyone but me getting really worried about Evan Longoria? He’s slugging .374 on the year, has next to no help in that lineup, and hasn’t homered in weeks.

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  4. Satoshi Nakamoto says:

    David Wiers you said, “…the Mets don’t hit right-handed pitchers very well.”

    Can you please tell me where I can look to see how teams perform vs pitchers by handedness?

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  5. Don O. says:

    I just lost both Abreu and now Arenado in a 5×5, 12 team roto…fortunately my infield is deep so I don’t necessarily need to go swimming in the replacement CI pool. After shuffling DL slots I only need to fill one spot in my lineup, and only until Abreu returns. Do you recommend Jones over a guy like Quentin (provided he plays of course), who returns to the Cell this week, or should I go in a completely different direction and grab a guy like Betances, who could help me in a very tight strikeout category (I could conceivably gain 2-3 points over the next couple of weeks with the extra pitcher, though I’d obviously be sacrificing potential offensive production)?

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