Roto Riteup — Presented by DraftKings: May 5, 2014

Hey now, it’s Monday. Roto Riteup readers should enjoy this YouTube video if they’d like to perk themselves up with a laugh, and don’t worry, it’s safe for work.

On today’s agenda:
1. Yusmeiro Petit to start today
2. Wilson Ramos to return this weekend
3. Jimmy Rollins’ bounceback year?
4. Mariners rid themselves of Abraham Almonte
5. The Fruitful Five

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Yusmerio Petit to start today
Matt Cain is being forced to land on the DL due to a cut on his finger, so YuPi is going to start in his place against the Pirates. Petit was surprisingly good in his brief stint as a starter last year, and he pitched well as a part of the rotation on Tuesday. If Petit performs well I would expect him to take Ryan Vogelsong’s spot in the rotation when Cain returns from the DL, due to Vogelsong’s worrisome 2013 and a below-replacement level start to 2014. If you’re in NL-only leagues, bet on Petit for now while you can get a couple starts out of him.

Wilson Ramos to return this weekend
The Nationals catcher started his rehab assignment on Sunday, playing DH for Class-A Hagerstown. Ramos is going to do some catching next in Double-A, and he’s scheduled to be back with the big league club by the weekend. Ramos has shown he’s one of the league’s better offensive catchers when healthy, but that “when healthy” bit has been elusive.

Jimmy Rollins’ 2014
Rollins smacked a triple against the Nationals yesterday, bringing his line up to .274/.347/.425, which comes to a wOBA of .341. If Rollins’ pace were to hold, 2014 would be his best offensive season since 2008. Rollins’ numbers look pretty sustainable right now, though his .298 BABIP may come down a tiny bit to his career norm of .287, or his recent norm of about .270. I may have a vested interest in talking myself into Rollins being real, but so far I like what I’ve seen.

Mariners rid themselves of Abraham Almonte
Seattle has finally purged itself of the awfulness of Almonte, who was still placed in the leadoff hole as recent as a couple days ago despite a .198 average and a .248 OBP. Almonte looked interesting in Triple-A last year, but boy did he seem lost in the majors in 2014. The Mariners are bringing James Jones back to the majors, but Michael Saunders looks to receive the extra playing time.

The Fruitful Five

SP: Yordano Ventura, $9,400
Ventura goes into San Diego to face by far the league’s worst offense. Yes please times 1000.

SP: Nate Eovaldi: $9,200
Eovaldi stays in Miami against a sub-standard offense in the Mets.

C: Jonathan Lucroy: $3,800
Not a difficult choice, in less you’re a big believer in Michael Bolsinger.

3B: Josh Donaldson, $4,600
He’s not going to a friendly stadium or anything, but he does get Chris Young, who has been quite bad this year.

OF: Marlon Byrd, $4,100
Byrd gets J.A. Happ in Philly.

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  1. FeslenR says:

    Rollins is doing pretty well, I even acquired him in a trade, but he is a pretty streaky guy. I decided to release him, which is probably silly, but the weeks I had him active his BABIP took an expected nosedive. Reality will hit soon enough for J-Roll, but he still will end up with a decent year.

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  2. Emcee Peepants says:

    Is Rollins a Hall of Famer? His career counting stats are similar to Larkin’s, but with a lesser slash line and lower wOBA, wRC+, and WAR. He has an MVP, a WS trophy, and a handful of AS games and Gold Gloves. Top 10 SS for 14 straight years and playing 154+ games in 10 of those. As a Phillies fan, it seems ridiculous to even consider it, because he has never really lived up to “our” expectations, but I could see his case gaining some traction, especially if he tops 2,500 hits.

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    • Two Jakes says:

      It’s hard to imagine him being a Hall of Famer while Trammell sits on the sidelines. Not impossible, of course. Trammell didn’t have a MVP, although he did come in second in the voting in 87 and had plenty of votes a few other years. I think Rollins will need to put together at least two more decent years to get real consideration, especially in this era of the offensive shortstop.

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  3. Beau says:

    Vogelsong’s last two starts have gone well. Do not expect him to be dropped from the rotation in the short term.

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