Roto Riteup: September 25, 2013

Today’s Roto Riteup aims to bring the good news to your doorstep without making you feel totally uncomfortable.

On today’s agenda:
1. Good news for Manny Machado
2. Matt Holliday sits out again
3. Some streaming options for today

Good news for Manny Machado
After a devastating looking injury, the news is promising for Machado and the owners. Machado does not have a problem with his ACL or MCL, and the third-baseman is actually going to avoid having surgery. Machado suffered a torn medial patella tendon when he stepped on the side of the first base bag, and the right-hander could be back doing some running in less than two months. If Manny is legitimately able to run in a couple months, there’s no reason to believe Machado won’t be ready to go for the 2014 campaign.

For keeper owners, this is excellent news. While there is certainly reason to downgrade his keeper value, there is no longer distinct reasons to drop him off your radar completely.

Matt Holliday sits out again
For the third straight game, the Cardinals left Holliday on the bench in the first inning. Holliday is suffering from a stiff back, an injury that it seems bothers Holliday every year or so. There’s no word on whether the right-hander will be back in the lineup today, but daily owners need to make sure they have options in place for the last couple of days of the fantasy season.

If this is the last we see of the left fielder during the regular season, Holliday ends the year with a .298 average, 20 homers, 99 runs, and 91 RBI. Holliday is one of the least sexiest fantasy outfielders out there now — he’s past his physical peak, he hasn’t been spectacular since 2008, etc — but he’s quietly one of the best and most consistent.

Some streaming options for today
If you’re in the finals of your league, there’s a chance you’ll be looking to gain every advantage possible by streaming pitchers through your roster to pick up last minute strikeouts and wins. With that in mind, here are a couple guys going today who may be available.

Randall Delgado at SDP (Ian Kennedy)
Delgado has been solid for the Diamondbacks this year, with his only problem coming from allowing far too many dingers. That being said, Yonder Alonso and Will Venable are both out of the lineup in San Diego, which should be much friendlier than Chase Field.

Martin Perez vs HOU (Dallas Keuchel)
Perez is remarkably still just 22 years old, and while he won’t be able to deliver a ton of strikeouts for you, odds are he will have a solid ERA and pick up the W.

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  1. pudieron89 says:

    “Holliday is one of the least sexiest fantasy outfielders out there now — he’s past his physical peak, he hasn’t been spectacular since 2008, etc — but he’s quietly one of the best and most consistent.”

    Really confusing wording there — and I disagree with all but the end. He is a yearly lock for 140+ wRC+ and 4+ WAR; for fantasy purposes, he always has elite R/RBI totals on good Cards teams to go with healthy HR/XBH and a few steals sprinkled in. 5-cat contributor is sexy as hell.

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  2. shapular says:

    I’m looking for relievers to pick up as my starters make their last starts. How would you rank these guys: Hochevar (@CHW), Neal Cotts (LAA), Smyly (@MIA), Alex Torres (@NYY, @TOR), Rosenthal (CHC), Gregerson (ARI, @SF), David Carpenter (PHI)? Are there other guys that should go before some of those guys (most setup men are available)?

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