Roto Riteup: Thursday, September 8th, 2011

– Even though I get to watch him almost any time I want, it’s still strange to see Mike Carp take home the AL Rookie of the Month Award (presented by, who else, Gillette). Looking toward next year, Carp’s BABIP may be high, but he tends to absolutely crush the ball when he’s at the dish. He started to flash a little bit of power last year in the hitter friendly PCL, but he really crushed the ball in AAA earlier this season, and it may have finally translated over to big league success. If I were to predict a line for next season, I’d like to think Carp could hit at least .270 while smacking 25 homers out of the park and posting a league average walk rate. Plus, if you can only draft players with facial hair of some kind, then Carp is eligible for your roster.

– Drew Pomeranz is going to make his major league debut for the Rockies on Sunday, and he will be facing the Cincinnati Reds. Pomranz is certainly a top pitching prospect, but that doesn’t mean you should run out and pick him up off the waiver wire. However, I’m willing to bet that he opens 2012 in the Rockies rotation as long as they decide to not dick with his service clock. If he does so, then he’s certainly worth a shot in NL-only leagues, but he needs to prove what he can do before he’s drafted in mixed leagues with less than 14 teams.

– While his standard league value has taken a severe hit, Bobby Abreu has still been somewhat worthwhile in OBP leagues; he has not been so useful in OPS leagues, though. It may not be pretty, but a 20 steal season with an OBP over .350 is good enough to be ownable.

A Pitcher for Today: Luke Hochevar at SEA
I’m a fan on Hochevar, and we all know about Safeco and the Mariners’ offense. He’s also facing off against Jason Vargas, who has been lit up in recent starts, so a win is probable.

A Pitcher for Tomorrow: Blake Beaven vs KC
I’m worried what Eric Hosmer could do to Beaven, but other than him, I don’t think the big righty will have many problems with the Royals lineup.

PickSix Lock of the Day: Jesus Montero ($9.50) at BAL (Zach Britton)
Make sure to check out or your other favorite lineup site to see if Montero is playing before taking him.
Prediction: 2-4, HR
Last Week’s Predictions: 4 players, $116.25, 24.2 pts, 1 perfect prediction
All Past Predictions: 21 players, $420.25, 132.6 pts, 1 perfect

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I’m looking for a spot start for tomorrow, would you go with Bud Norris @ Washington or Colby Lewis vs Oakland?


If it were me, I would sure go with either of those over the recommended Beaven, who doesn’t even K enough batters to be fantasy relevant. Norris would be my choice.