Roto Riteup: Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

- Unofficial crowdsourcing question: Will Dan Uggla be overvalued next season because of his hitting streak, or will he be undervalued because of his extremely slow start? You may not say he will be valued appropriately, because we all know that never happens.

- Granted, he’s only been back in the big leagues for a little over a week, but Justin Smoak seems to be hitting much better now that he’s healthy. He’s already raised his batting average ten points, and he’s hit a couple homers. A few days ago, the Smoak Monster went up and got a fastball from Luke Hochevar that caught the top of the strike zone, crushing into the right field seats. His hands didn’t look overly quick, but he clearly got around on it enough to hit a dinger.

- I hate the Diamondbacks’ organization for ruining Brandon Allen’s fantasy value. He was all set to be a monster in the NL West since he would have been playing over half his games in hitter friendly ballparks. Now, he’s stuck in Oakland, where his power will be dulled down to mere mortal status. I doubt Kevin Towers is an evil genius out to ruin my life, but I don’t doubt that he is a meanie and should be punished.

- It should come as no surprise that Chris Carpenter decided to stay in St. Louis for another couple of years, and that is good news for fantasy owners. St. Louis is still a great pitchers’ park, and as Carpenter ages, we may see him rely more on his ballpark to put up a good ERA. His 2011 has been nice, and it looks like he’s primed for another season with an ERA under 3.60 and a WHIP under 1.30.

A Pitcher for Today: Matt Harrison vs CLE
The Indians like to run out a lefty-heavy lineup, so Harrison could have an absolute field day.

A Pitcher for Tomorrow: Rich Harden vs LAA
Harden’s ERA hasn’t been real pretty this year, but he’s been a strikeout machine at times, and I’m going to do everything I can to get him when he pitches at home against a non-elite offense.

PickSix Lock of the Day: Matt Harrison ($.50) vs CLE
You’ll have to excuse me for double-dipping, America, but this is just too good to pass up. Were you aware? Now you’re aware.
Prediction: 6 IP, 2 BB, 9 K; 21 points
Last Week’s Results: 3 players, $72.50, 19 points

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3 Responses to “Roto Riteup: Tuesday, September 13th, 2011”

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  1. Soam says:

    Is the Matt Harrison thing a joke? Lefties hit .299 with a .808 OPS against him.

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  2. dcwick says:

    Uggla will be overvalued because he was undervalued for so much of this season. At least that’s how it’s likely to work in my league.

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  3. Brad Johnson says:

    The Uggla question is a tough one. First thing to consider is how many viable 2b options there are. I think in an auction format we may see Uggla go fairly cheaply, say $15, because there are so many options to choose from.

    Then again, he could end up over-valued by the revisionists who look back and project his second half out over a full season.

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