RotoGraphs Audio: The Sleeper and The Bust 02/25/14

Episode 97

The latest episode of The Sleeper and the Bust is now live! Jason Collette joins Eno Sarris to preview the Colorado Rockies and the Kansas City Royals as well as discuss player projections and how to value players in quirky league formats.

As usual, don’t hesitate to tweet us any fantasy questions you have that we may answer on our next episode.

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Thanks to Ian Miller aka Teen Archer, for the new intro music Approximately 53 min of joyous analysis.

ADP results from NFBC


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7 Responses to “RotoGraphs Audio: The Sleeper and The Bust 02/25/14”

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  1. Ryan says:
    FanGraphs Supporting Member

    Maybe I spaced out and missed it, but no thoughts on Arenado?

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    • Jason Collette says:
      FanGraphs Supporting Member

      He is what he is. The offense is going to take a bit to catch up to the defense.

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  2. Michael Schieve says:

    Did I hear Eno right, that you’re working on an auction value generator for Fangraphs? That would be great! Especially if it could work for Ottoneu.

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    • jake says:

      Let me second that! An auction value calculator would be absolutely huge. I’ve been struggling for weeks to try to build a SGP calculator for my AL only 6×6 league, and cannot seem to get it quite right. A calculator that can deal with custom league settings and projections would be a godsend for me and the rest of the fangraphs community. I’ll even rate your podcast when the calculator comes out, pinky-swear.

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  3. marv88harrison says:

    Twins: How do you guys see the bullpen shaking out behind Perkins? Was last year Dozier’s ceiling? Perspectives on Pinto and Sano?

    Tigers: How will Drew Smyly fair transitioning to the rotation? How will Castellanos handle the pressure of filling in for Miggy? Who sets up in Benoit’s absence?

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  4. Jeff says:

    Following up on the projections/overinflation discussion last time: when do you go gut vs. projection? I’m picking 3rd, and my dollar values have Kershaw at $42 (the stat categories favor pitching–and I do dollar values to help sort), which is $5 more than Goldschmidt/McCutchen.
    My gut says go safe, because Kershaw’s one pitch away from the end of the season. But the dollar values are blind, and that’s why we use them.
    Not asking about Kershaw specifically…just when you let values dominate and when you go with gut.

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    • Jason Collette says:

      Gut always wins when I’m in doubt on a player. I honestly have no problem taking Kershaw 3rd over those 2. It depends on comfort level.

      We had to delay recording late last week due to some scheduling issues and a funeral on my end, so recording tomorrow. Will be interviewing Eno about his AL LABR draft and working on getting an NL participant to do the same.

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