RotoGraphs Audio: The Sleeper and The Bust 04/15/2014

Episode 107

The latest episode of The Sleeper and the Bust is now live! Jason Collette and Eno Sarris discuss batters and pitchers with zeroes still in their stat line, some injuries, and a look at Jesse Chavez and Homer Bailey.

As usual, don’t hesitate to tweet us any fantasy questions you have that we may answer on our next episode.

You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or via the feed.

Thanks to Ian Miller aka Teen Archer, for the new intro music Approximately 53 min of joyous analysis.



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6 Responses to “RotoGraphs Audio: The Sleeper and The Bust 04/15/2014”

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  1. Satoshi Nakamoto says:

    Sooo, Billy Hamilton keeps popping up the baseball, seemingly swinging for the fences on occasion.

    When are his coaches going to shout at him to keep it on the ground?

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  2. John says:

    So. Went and got Homer Bailey today, but it was far from a steal. Sent Wil Myers and Shelby Miller over for Bailey and Nelson Cruz.

    I like this deal because I generally prefer youngish veterans to young players. What do you guys think?

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  3. Jeff says:

    Great job as always, but Eno do you notice you use “Uh” and “Yeah” whenever you reply to a comment or question?

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  4. Schaf says:

    Jason and Eno,

    Great job, the Sleeper and Bust has worked it’s way to the top of my fav’s list! You two make a great team. Keep up the great work!

    Eno, the uh and yeah is your trademark. Nothing wrong with it at all. Shows sincerity and candor.

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  5. Milton says:

    Can you guys put the stuff up on Stitcher?

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