RotoGraphs Audio: The Sleeper and The Bust 05/13/2014

Episode 118

The latest episode of The Sleeper and the Bust is now live! Jason Collette and Eno Sarris discuss potential pitchers to target based on pitch whiff rates, power surgers who may be on the way down, and the recent fantasy news.

As usual, don’t hesitate to tweet us any fantasy questions you have that we may answer on our next episode.

You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or via the feed.

Thanks to Ian Miller aka Teen Archer, for the new intro music. Approximately 58 minutes of joyous analysis.  


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6 Responses to “RotoGraphs Audio: The Sleeper and The Bust 05/13/2014”

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  1. @motorcity42 says:

    Top flight per usual.

    Thanks guys.

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  2. steve says:

    Eno any chance we see these Kluber/Salazar interviews you talked about written up?

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  3. sam says:

    I listen to about 5 baseball podcasts, and this is far and away my favorite. Have been listening to Jason and Eno since the beginning of last year and really enjoy it.

    One bone to pick, that I know Jason and Paul Sporer have addressed a bunch of times but remains a serious flaw in the podcast.

    Pronouns! You guys use them sooo much, its definitely more than other podcasts. I’m not normally this guy, but I timed what was a particularly frustrating segment.

    20:08- one mention of Corey Kluber
    23:58- move on to Liriano. In those almost 3 minutes, one mention of Kluber’s name, and 28 pronouns. Him, he, his– references to his defense, no team mentioned, no frame of reference to even try to figure out who it might be.

    I think I speak for most listeners when I say that I always listen while mulitasking, internet, driving, taking the bus, whatever. It really helps to just mention the guy you’re are speaking about, even if it feels artificial and forced. Hate to say it, but Adam Aizer on CBS does this really well, even if it feels forced. Its a great show, but it would really be better if you fixed this problem.

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  4. Jeff says:

    Let me echo Sam: the best of the baseball podcasts I listen to.

    Any chance you can talk about what, if anything, we can say about early power returns? I know Eno’s fond of saying that power takes the longest to normalize, but if you’ve drafted Alex Gordon and Hunter Pence to hit 40ish home runs, you can’t really wait. And what about spikes like Brett Lawrie’s or Michael Brantley’s?


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  5. AJ says:

    Looking to replace Jose Fernandez in a mixed league with daily roster moves?

    Jose Fernandez: 51.2 IP, 70K, 2.44 ERA, 0.95 WHIP, 4W
    Wade Davis + Dellin Betances: 37.1 IP, 65K, 1.92 ERA, 1.05 WHIP, 3W

    If you can afford the extra roster spot, that’s just about as good as you can hope for.

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  6. KJ says:

    I agree with Sam. One of the best podcasts out there. If you could say who the player is more often instead of “he” that would be great. I often listen while driving and sometimes lose track because it’s blissfully in-depth analysis.

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