RotoGraphs Audio: The Sleeper and The Bust 05/20/2014

Episode 119

The latest episode of The Sleeper and the Bust is now live! Jason Collette and Eno Sarris discuss the changing roster for both the Red Sox and the White Sox, Dallas Keuchel, batters improving their strikeout rates, Alexei Ramirez, and how they approach drafting prospects in their home keeper and dynasty leagues.

As usual, don’t hesitate to tweet us any fantasy questions you have that we may answer on our next episode.

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Thanks to Ian Miller aka Teen Archer, for the new intro music. Approximately 59 minutes of joyous analysis.  


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3 Responses to “RotoGraphs Audio: The Sleeper and The Bust 05/20/2014”

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  1. jon says:

    Hey Guys,

    Just a quick follow-up here that occurred to me since you talked about Cashner and Keuchel back-to-back. In shallow 10-team mixers, would you drop Cashner for Keuchel?

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  2. Goldie Wilson says:

    Great work. Sorry to see this team break up. Trevor Rosenthal? WHAT IN GODS NAME IS MATHENY DOING TO HIM? Also does Motte’s return cloud things or can we still expect Rosenthal to be the guy despite the occasional hiccup?

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  3. Grant says:

    Would you guys please check out Christian Yelich’s platoon splits from last year to this year. There is some weird stuff going on there. He has gone from a guy who hits righties far better than lefties in 2013, and completely reversed that trend in 2014 to the point where he has been a much better hitter against lefties than righties in 2014.

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