RotoGraphs Audio: The Sleeper and the Bust 06/12/2014

Episode 128

The latest episode of “The Sleeper and the Bust” is now live! Eno Sarris and Nicholas Minnix discuss, by request, Marcell Ozuna; Alex Wood; Danny Duffy; Mookie Betts; Joc Pederson; Jay Bruce; George Springer; Marco Estrada; and Carlos Gonzalez, Michael Cuddyer and the Colorado Rockies’ outfield. Other topics of interest covered: Justin Verlander, the Seattle Mariners’ shuffled roster that now includes Jesus Montero is up, Adam Wainwright, Wilson Ramos and Francisco Liriano.

As usual, don’t hesitate to tweet us or comment with fantasy questions so that we may answer them on our next episode.

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Thanks to Ian Miller, aka Teen Archer, for the intro music. Approximately 95 minutes of joyous analysis.


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Nicholas Minnix oversaw baseball content for six years at KFFL, where he held the loose title of Managing Editor for seven and a half before he joined FanGraphs. He played in both Tout Wars and LABR from 2010 through 2014. Follow him on Twitter @NicholasMinnix.

7 Responses to “RotoGraphs Audio: The Sleeper and the Bust 06/12/2014”

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  1. mymaus says:

    Great show as always (By the way if you happen to have any influence over that website that now does autoplay ads can you make them stop?). I think Pujols is over rated. Two major sites have him ranked 25 and 38 over all players. Can you talk about where you see him? Here’s a head start (my thoughts):

    On one hand:
    His flyball distance is down again this year (279 feet),
    His BB%, LD% are his lowest ever
    His GB and IFFB are among highest ever

    On the other hand:
    His BABIP is lowest ever at .227
    He’s on a team that’s an offensive powerhouse (more R and RBI opportunities even if he doesn’t hit well)

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    • Feeding the Abscess says:

      His BABIP is earned. His LD rate is low and his IFFB is through the roof. Until his batted ball distribution changes, his BABIP will be low.

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  2. James Thome says:

    That show was like I wrote the topic list (I wonder why) Thank you very much. Very interesting stuff and my wish list is complete for now. Obviously will keep on listening to your guys’ topics and others’ topics to see what else I can learn/places I can look to win. Thanks again. Great job.

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    • James Thome says:

      Also 1) Just FYI, muting specific applications in your computer’s sound mixer (e.g. adobe flash players and/or web browsers) might ease your irritation. 2) I too have found Jesus as a strong contributor to the wine category.

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  3. Wheels579 says:

    I’m a new listener and I enjoy the content, but Minnix really needs to severely cut down on his “um” and “uh” frequency because it is becoming absolutely brutal to listen to. Same for Sarris, to a lesser degree. Really bad habit to have for public speaking. Just some constructive criticism.

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  4. Jeff says:

    I’m loving the content and am not so worried about verbal tics.
    Can you maybe do a few minutes on Matt Holliday and how to handle power outages like his? Of course, the HR/FB is unusually low and you expect it to go up…but he’s aging and the batted-ball distance is down two years running.

    To summarize: Thoughts on the chances of Holliday having a Holliday-like second half?

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