RotoGraphs Chat – 10/22/10

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“Brian Joura: But every scouting report about Harper mentions attitude problems.”

Has he texted death threats to baby-mamas?
Has he gone up to the official scorer’s booth to confront someone for giving him an error?
Has he thrown firecrackers into crowds or tried to hit them with his vehicle?
Has he blindsided catchers with non-slides twice in one week?

I think there’s more than a few of us that would be cocky SOBs if we had the talent to basically drop out of highschool and then go lay some smack down on Juco pitching at his age.

Sure, I like to root for guys that seem to have a decent personality, including a bit of humility, but I’ll take the talented jerkwad on my fantasy squad over the rah-rah Ecksteins of the world.

My $ 0.02