RotoGraphs Chat – 12/31/10

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  1. Undocorkscrew says:

    Why are so many not confident in Heyward with his AVG?

    He went through his adjustments in the first half, swung and missed a lot. He started to get that under control, then went down with a thumb injury and was literally useless at the plate for over a month. Once he came back from the DL, I noticed he was pulling the ball more and hitting a lot more grounders. That wasn’t the case in the first half, he was spraying the ball to all fields. The thumb bothered him all the way up until a few weeks ago, I’m completely confident his injury forced him to change his approach, and the kid still hit over .300 after the break. If you look at some of his PA’s after he came back from the DL, you can see that he’s not really gripping the bat the same.

    I think .290 is perfectly reasonable, assuming he’s healthy.

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